tri tip

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Hightower, the tri-tip comes off the bottom of the sirloin. Way back when I was cutting meat, this was usually cut into cubes for beef stew or ground into hamburger as there is only two tri-tip strips per beef. Markets now get boxed beef and so the tri-tip is now more common. Back in my day, we had to "break down" the front and rear quarters of beef.

Here in the lower 48 the tri-tip is marketed as tri-tip or as a triangle roast.
Tri tip is a cut of meat from the bottom sirloin area.. it is also known as "triangular roast" and it is boneless, extremely tender and full of flavor.

Lots of people use it for stir fry or on skewers but it works great in the smoker as well.
Earl.. I guess great minds think alike. We posted at almost the same time :lol:
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