Today's smoke

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May 14, 2007
Hey all:

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. It's a beautiful one here, 75 degrees and sunny.

I have a rack of baby backs in the smoker with some apple wood and a touch of hickory, Just put them in foil. I am using an Apple City Rub, a little sweeter then usual, so I am going to use a sauce that's a little more spicy and vinegary (is that a word? lol) then usual.

Meatloaf is going in soon along with a batch of ABT and will get serve up with a side of garlic mashed taters and some corn on the cob.

Pictures coming soon.
Gee I'm only about 2 hours away ... if I didn't have a full smoker I'd head out there!

Actually heading out sometime this summer to check out a set of drums one of my students is just about finished building. I've been talking him though it since October - I feel like a proud Mama!
Shhh don't say that too loud, you'll jinx it.

What's in your smoker today Debi?
Oh yeah right Shhhhh!!

I've got as much as I could fit as usual Ron!

4 pastramis
2 fattys
2 ring bolgnas (I had to cut in half to fit)
3 ribs

Ah shoot I forgot to do the stuffed mushrooms!
Oh well tomorrow with the Beef bacon no more room anyways. I'd hate to have to place them one at a time!

5 shelves are not enough!

Got a post somewhere, two in fact I forgot I already started one yesterday.
CRS ya know!
Yeah I read that post after I replied here. All looks mighty good. I think it may be time to sample an ABT here
and another beer of course to wash it down.

No more room in your smoker? Isn;t that why you have 2 of them? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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