Todays smoke!! Whole bird and a few ABTs..with Q-View!!

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Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Jul 19, 2010
I haven't smoked too much lately with the florida and back travel and putting the new house sale under control.

Went to H-mart and bought lots of meat today. And a bag of soy flour/protein.

They also had the huge jalapenos.

Chicken has a generic OTC rub. A gift, basically SPOG and bayleaf grind. Put a couple slices of bacon on the back.

Here we are at 150.

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No reason for upside down..

Turns out the thing is way juicy but nasty tasting and hard as a rock.

Out at 170..must have been a bad bird.

Threw it out in the back, the opossums and raccoons will fight over it.

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I hate to hear that craig,Was it one of those 8lb roasters? Those things are tough! was about 6.5 pound hen. Oh well the animals out back are happy.

Gonna be back in Ponce Thurs for the house inspection. If all goes well moving in end of March.

Could have made some chicken salad out of it???
No was nasty.. So tuff it dulled my Wusthoff boning knife. hahahahaha

The Woman said use it to make stock...uuuggghh it was bad and the animals made it disappear in short time.

I pan fried some chops so we did eat...

One of the rare time when a guy can't eat  what he smokes. Was the bird not fresh or just a tough old girl? Better luck next time Craig.
Don't know,prolly both. No worries here.

Have a great day!!

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