Fantastic Weekend With Just My Wife And A Bunch Of Great Food (Heavy Q-View)

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tx smoker

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Apr 14, 2013
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The past several weekends have been very busy. We've had guests in from out of town, cook-outs, entertaining friends on the boat, preparing and serving food at gatherings on our friend's dock up the lake, and a myriad of other things. Don't get me wrong, we love the lifestyle and our friends but once in a while it's nice to have some wind-down time just for ourselves. I'll qualify that remark by saying that I'm one of those weird guys that actually enjoys spending time with my wife :-) This past weekend was one of those much needed wind-down weekends. We spent a lot of time Saturday working in the yard then hanging out in the pool with a bucket full of Margaritas. Decided to keep dinner simple and just do fajitas with some grilled veggies. The new Santa Maria grill was out of commission for this one. I had it torn down yet again for what I hope is the last modification to the log lighter system so this was done on the grill.

Veggies tossed with EVOO, garlic, and Chipotle pepper

Veggies alongside the Piedmontese beef fajita spiced with my own seasoning

Onto the grill

Torrential rain storm came crashing down half way through. Didn't stop me though

Fajita meat cooked

All sliced up. Came out perfect

Veggies all done. They too are exactly the way we like them. Warm and softened up a bit but still some texture to them. Was purple onions, sliced jalapenos, and grape tomatoes

Money shot!! I skipped all of the pics building the fajita but it's the meat and veggies topped with smoked cheddar cheese and fire roasted salsa then served with a dollop of sour cream and a margarita on the rocks with salt. This is my first of several :-)

Sunday we kinda bummed around, I made beer in the morning, dialed in the pool chemistry for the week, and a couple other things. By then the final part I needed for the Santa Maria grill was delivered by Amazon so I put all of that back together. At this point it was time to get in the pool. We spent a couple hours lounging out and sipping on Margaritas again. It was mid afternoon so I started thinking about dinner. When I got the Santa Maria grill I was introduced to the Piedmontese beef by Gary at Sunterra and subsequently placed a considerable order. In that order was 8 Rib Eye Cap Steaks. I hadn't cooked any of them so figured I'd give them a shot. They are small steaks at 6 oz. each so I got 3 of them out: 2 for me and 1 for Tracy.

Steaks lightly brushed with Worcestershire and sprinkled with kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper

Corn on the cob with a good dose of squirt butter and SPOG

Did a caprese salad I stole from @xray when he did his post on the Tri Tip. I'm not typically one to jump on the "me too" bandwagon but this was just too beautiful not to make, as several of our members noted in his thread. I'd never made a Balsamic Reduction but gave it a shot for this one. My salad was slightly different but essentially the same

Corn on the grill. Yes, I used the Santa Maria for this one since it was back in commission

Steaks on a little later

Steaks after the flip

Steaks all done and resting for a few minutes

Money shot!! Steak, corn, and the caprese salad with the balsamic reduction. The dressing was amazing!!

All in all, a fantastic weekend and we did eat well!! Over the past several weeks there have been a couple things that have been life changers for us. First was the Santa Maria grill. To quote another member of SMF, "I love cooking on this thing!!". Thus far everything I've cooked has been absolutely out of this world. The second life changer is finding the Piedmontese beef. This meat is by far the best commercially purchased meat we have ever eaten. It has all been far superior to any standard American beef that has crossed my plate. These little steaks were nothing short of phenomenal. Juicy, tender beyond belief, and a flavor that we have never experienced in a steak. I had just placed another large order from Piedmontese that morning but the wife requested (demanded??) that I go back and add 12 more of these steaks to the order. They were that good!! Tomorrow another huge order will be delivered and put in the freezer. After sampling several different cuts it's a foregone conclusion that we will keep a large stock on this meat on hand.

Truly enjoying a quiet weekend,
Robert and Tracy
(P.S. I just realized that this probably should have gone in the Beef forum. Please move as necessary)
All of it looks amazing!!! Great to hear the new grill is working for ya, it sure appears to be doing a fantastic job!!! I absolutely know what you mean about a wind-down weekend! I sure could use one!!! Great looking food!!!
yeah it is nice to just take a day to relax, I think with this busy world we forget to just put the brakes on once in a while!! looks like you had some great eats
I'm out here torching a brisket to a fast dry death and you just keep raising that bar up higher! It all looks amazing! Glad to see the Santa Maria back in action.
"tx smoker, everything looks fantastic and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

We absolutely did have a wonderful weekend and appreciate the like. Thank you. As stated in the post, we love our lifestyle and our friends and wouldn't give up any of it for anything in the world. It is however nice (and possibly necessary??) to just take some "us" time to be together doing other things we love.

"yeah it is nice to just take a day to relax, I think with this busy world we forget to just put the brakes on once in a while!! looks like you had some great eats"

Couldn't agree more and very well stated. The food was very good but pretty simple and basic....just well prepared and it set the perfect environment for the kind of weekend we needed.

Wondering what's in store for this weekend,
"All looks great as usual sounds like a great weekend! What kind of beer are you making?"

Thank you John!! You sir have also been turning out some pretty tasty looking stuff recently :-)

I have about 50 different beers that I rotate through. Tracy prefers the blonde ales so I do 8 or 10 for her along with a few different wheat based beers. I prefer brown ales, red ales, and ambers as a general rule. Last weekend I did a Czech Amber Lager for me and one I call Palisade Blonde for Tracy. I keep one keg for each of us on tap and when the legs get low, I'll put another new keg behind the one that's tapped so we don't run out :-)

"I'm out here torching a brisket to a fast dry death and you just keep raising that bar up higher! It all looks amazing! "

Zach my friend....your brisket did not look all that bad but thank you for the accolades. This was just intended to be a simple but tasty bunch of food that didn't require a ton of time and prep work. Not really anything special but when I put together the picture package, it looked pretty good so thought I'd post it.

"Glad to see the Santa Maria back in action."

Me too!! I was like a junkie needing a fix while that thing was torn down. When I ordered the last part I needed to finish it, delivery was supposed to be Saturday but they dropped the ball and it didn't get here till Sunday. I was up all night pacing the floors, shaking uncontrollably, drooling down my shirt. It wasn't a pretty sight :-)

Shaking subsided finally,
"Holy Money, what a Q show!
That's the way to wind down, eat, drink and chill out.
It all looks pretty dagblamned delicious!


Thanks so much Chile!! Can't tell you how much I appreciate the sentiments but I did warn you that it was heavy Q-View....and I wasn't kidding :-) We absolutely made the best of our first weekend of warm weather that we weren't entertaining. Kind of a "mental health recovery" weekend.

Truth be told, what I prepared here looks childish and rudimentary compared to your prime rib and Caprese salad. OMG!! I almost went into cardiac arrest reading that thread. You're a dangerous man Chile....but in a really good kind of way :emoji_laughing:

WOW to Chile for setting the bar,
I don't think so, not when I'm salivating over your Qview.
Never underestimate your food, that's Grade A vittles you're putting out.
Dang'it Man, keep it coming!

And my Prime Rib is rudimentary compared to Bear's.
Now there is the Man setting the bar.
"I don't think so, not when I'm salivating over your Qview.
Never underestimate your food, that's Grade A vittles you're putting out.
Dang'it Man, keep it coming!"

You're making me blush John :-) Seriously, thanks so much for the enthusiasm you show. It's kinda contagious and inspiring, that's for sure.

You can betcha there will be more posts coming. I have a truck load of the Piedmontese beef arriving tomorrow which consists of several different cuts of steaks and 4 or 5 different roasts. The cogs are turning on how to prepare and cook stuff that's different but not totally off the wall. I'm gonna have fun, that's for sure!! I also have the 65 day aged Certified Angus Beef prime rib going that's going to be served the 20th of next month. You won't be lacking for beef related posts from me for a while :-)

Beefin' it up!!
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