TN Event Day 1: The Prelude (Lotsa Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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(Disclaimer: I'm posting this in the Beef forum because the steaks were the main offering for dinner)

Well folks, day one of the TN event is in the books and it was a fantastic time. Jake ( T TNJAKE ) and his amazing wife Emily were busy all day getting things going so I officially became the unofficial photographer for the day. Jake asked me to go ahead and post this up, so I am. He did promise to be better today at taking pics so I guess we will see about that :emoji_wink: After rain all day Thursday, yesterday dawned beautiful, bright, and sunny with the promise of perfect weather. Mother Nature did not disappoint!! It was a post card perfect day. I spent a few hours driving around enjoying the gorgeous countryside and got to Jake's around 1:00. Emily was out grabbing the last few things to round out dinner. We got a few things set up and ready for the party. Johnny ( Johnny Ray Johnny Ray ) and Lyn rolled in about 3:30....a half hour after the beer started flowing for Jake and I :emoji_laughing: We all sat round chatting, telling lies, and solving all the world's problems (cough, choke) then it was time to start prepping the steaks and getting the Weber kettle fired up. Emily and Lyn did team up in the meantime and put together a great appetizer plate with a few different kinds of wild game Summer sausage, cheeses, crackers, and some amazing spicy roasted peanuts.

My first pic of the day. There's no way to not showcase this. It is a thing of beauty and a work of art

The beast laying in wait in anticipation of a full day tomorrow

Jake wolfing down a couple slices of pizza...a quick bite to keep him going till supper is ready

Jake and Johnny

Sausage and cheese plates

The incredible peanuts. I just could not stop munching on these. So good!!

Lyn, Johnny, Jake, and Emily

Johnny, me, and Jake

A big pan full of CPB rib eye and porterhouse steaks. My only offering for the event

Jake getting the steaks seasoned up

All done and time to rest a bit and get happy

Getting the chimneys fired up

Two guys engulfed in smoke. This is what we live for

Charcoal loaded into the Weber for it's inaugural run

WHERE'S THE BEEF?? Oh, there it is. Almost 15 pounds is pure beef bliss

After the first flip. Jake is being very careful as he's never used a grill like this

Mmmm mmmm good. Larger steaks over the hotter part of the grill got the char. The rest are just done to perfection

Table 1 with the steaks and the Orange Crush cake

Table 2 with the rest of the offerings

Jake slicing steaks and serving to order

My plate. I put some garlic butter on my steak. Man oh man that was good!!

Jake's plate. I thought I had a decent amount of food. He put me to shame!!

Jake and Emily enjoying an amazing meal they worked so hard to put together

The Fonz and his wonderful bride are among us once again :emoji_laughing:

Jake's riding friends came late but wasted no time diving to the food. You could tell they had been on the road all day and worked up a huge appetite

What more can I say other than WOW!! Just a great time with great people enjoying great food. Will be heading over to Jake's shortly to check in and see if a helping hand is needed. Mike ( mike243 mike243 ) is there I believe so if no help is needed, I may go cruising through the mountains for a couple of hours. If yesterday is any indication of what's in store for today, it's gonna be one fantastic time!! Well I'm outta here. The WiFi in the hotel is SOOO slow, This has been painful but I made it through, hopefully with minimal errors.

See y'all soon,


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Wow, what a feast! Doesn't get any better than a good time with great people, keep the fun going, y'all deserve it! RAY
Looks like a great time, think I'm a bit jealous. hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend I know I wont here at work.
Looking like lots of fun and great eats. I’d have expected no less from you guys. Looking forward to day 2 pics.
Looks like a great time was had by all! Great food and plates. Everyone looks happy, happy. Way to go!
Thanks for posting and working thru the slow wifi, Robert. Awaiting day 2 pics .
Wow! I would love to be there. Looks like my kind of people. It would be a nice get away from KC. Enjoy that beautiful weather guys and gals and thanks for the great pics Robert.
Awesome Pics!!!
Second only to being there with you guys & Gals!!!
Keep these Pics coming---They're very Enjoyable!!!

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Looks like a great time and a heck of a feast. I think I would almost have to have a nap after all that chow :emoji_wink:
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