" Meat in day" Brisket

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Apr 24, 2021
A couple years ago, the Governor of Colorado declared March 20th, "Meat out day" in Colorado. Which in turn did not help cattle ranchers. Colorado is the 4th largest cattle producer in the U.S. So a bunch of people in Colorado decided to make it " Meat In day". And support our local ranchers. So every March 20th, it's time to cook a brisket.

This was just a simple SPG rub


Thanks for lookin.
Mighty fine looking brisket! Amazing how stupid politicians can be. "Lets just see how much we can tick off one of our major industries in our state..." And I'm glad to see that the sane citizens answered it in the best way possible.

I even made little foil goodie bags, and passed them out around town to friends at local shops and bars and such lol
Looks good. Never heard of meat in day but funny thing is that I am eating a ribeye right now
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