Time to Do Some Hot Wings

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EVOO & Montreal chicken seasoning.

Smoke until almost done.

Then a couple of minutes on a hot grill top crisp up the skin.

Toss in a bowl with equal parts, Franks hot wing sauce, & melted butter.

Simple & delicious!
Thanks guys!!!

I took the easy way out. I cut up the whole wings and put them in a brine of kosher salt and garlic powder overnight. I tossed them in a mixing bowl with Tony Chachere's creole butter to coat them then put them on the grill and hit 'em with his Creole seasoning.

I turned them about an hour and half in and hit the other side with Tony's seasoning. The next pic was made as I started to take them up. My Thermopop read about 170 or a little more.

Most of the cook was done between 250 and 300 degrees but I opened up all the vents and got it up to about 400 or a little more to crisp them up a bit. The whole cook took about 4 hours from the time I laid the charcoal and lit starter coals to the time I took them up with about 3 hours and a bit of cooking time.

They were delicious with a little ranch dressing. Next time I'll be sure there's some blue cheese dressing in the house, too.

The Chachere's seasoning was perfect for the wings. It's a tad too salty for my taste, so I'll use less next time.

Again, thank Al and Case for the information.
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