My first two nights of using my new pellet grill

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Jan 25, 2024
Good morning,

Bought a Traeger Pro 22.
First night was thick pork chops.
To be honest, okay but may not do again.
I just put a rub on them and no sauce on them.
Second night was wings. Rub on them and sauced them 5 minutes at the end.
Very good. Not as smokey as I would have guessed or maybe having my head around the smoker while cooking I was desentized to the smoke a bit.
Next up: some fish.
Most of these pellet smokers only emit a light smoke profile. Low temps (180° or so ) at beginning will help . I have used a 6" smoke tube (2 hrs smoke ) in my RT for additional smoke.
I rarely use a water pan ( maybe will more to try ), but would help keep things from drying out a bit, as the fan inside smoker blows most of the time.
Experiment a little, you'll find the sweet spot that works for you.
Wings go so fast they don't have time to take smoke. You can run on smoke for a longer time but you give up the crispy skin you get with high temps.
I add a smoke tube to every cook
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Take some time to learn it . First 2 cooks are just that , a starting point . A lean cut like a pork chop is a hard one to start with on a pellet grill in my opinion . Biggest thing I had to get used to was the convection effect from the fan running . Once you get it figured out , run some chops again . I bet there will be a big difference .

I have a different brand , but one thing I do is start in the smoke setting , then when I increase temps , I do it a little at a time . Let that settle in , and bump it again . I do that until I reach cooking temp . I think it helps with the smoke profile .
Excellent advice so far, and I do pretty much the same as what's been stated.

What was off about the chops, were the chops dry?
I always wet brine chops and loins if I have time.

Best smoke on my Recteq is on LO.
I've been putting pork in cold and wet for about hour, so it has time for smoke to adhere, before I turn the heat up.

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