Thor's Hammer (Beef Shank) On Sale!!!!

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I looked at them today and they were pretty big. About $40.
Good to know they have been seen in the wild :D

When I was initially at the store I told the guy to give me all the boneless skinless chicken breast in the case that was $1.99/lb because it was just like 3-4 pounds, which was fine until I needed to come back.

I look away and when I turn around he has over 8 pounds wrapped. I think he also through in the hand trimmed chicken breast too but at the cheap price.

I wasn't sure, and I wasn't going to ask the man to dig through the pile and undo his work so I just went with it. So now I have like over 8 pounds of chicken breast to eat up before I can attempt to buy this shank AND there is also a Father's day lunch in the mix this week. So let's hope I get low enough on chicken before they run out again or the sale changes next week :D
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So now I have like over 8 pounds of chicken breast to eat up before I can attempt to buy this shank
Put a few together and smoke some sandwich meat .
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Do you use meat glue for that Rich?
When I first started doing this I used unflavored gelatin on the cut side , and put them together thick to thin . It worked , but it stays together pretty good without . That's actually turkey in that picture , but I do the same with chicken .
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Put a few together and smoke some sandwich meat .
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Nice!!! I've been cutting into smaller strips and grilling hot and fast and they come out great and juicy. I just don't over do them.
I'm down to like 3 pounds left that are all cut up and seasoned but may have to to do the sandwich meat smoke in the future :D

I've done it with turkey breast for sure.
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Well the deed was done yesterday. Pics first then some words on it all.





So this was over 6 pounds.
I seasoned with SPOG, the onion is dehydrated onion so is chunky and amazing, not a powder.

I put in the oven at 325F and roasted it uncovered for a couple of hours as I went and ran errands. The bark and flavor was amazing, though the whole thing was not done. I was then slicing pieces off and eating it as I lay it down and added onions, tomato, wine, water, and beef bullion flavor.
With all this added covered it with foil and proceeded to braise at 325 for another 3 hours. It was not tender and falling a part all the way through so I carved off a good chunk and put in a bowl with shiritaki rice (like a noodle), some of the liquid and veggies that were still in the pan.
AMAZING flavor all the way around!
I removed the rest of the meat from the bone so it would cook and fall apart more easliy.

I then recovered, put back in the oven, and proceeded to overkook it for like 3 more hours hahaha.
I did not ruin it but I started smelling some slight burning of food smells and when I pulled it out and uncovered basically all the real liquid was gone and it was a little toasty. I added water which reconstituted things and saved it but it is/was not going to be the amazing goodness it should have been if not overcooked to hell hahaha.

I simply got busy doing other things and figured it could handle it and by the time I smelled the situation it was overcooked. It will still eat well but won't be a masterpiece.

The pics above are all before it was overcooked so you can see how it went and and was well on it's way to being something amazing but user error occurred hahahaha.

I would not hesitate to do this again and honestly after the initial roast I would just remove all the meat from the bone so it braised faster instead of trying to let it fall off the bone on its own and drastically increasing the cooking time. Lesson learned :)

I hope you enjoy the pics and the info! :D
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