Things I learned this weekend

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Jan 16, 2010
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Saturday was clean out the freezer day. I had 4 chickens, 1 Chuckie, 1 pork butt, 3 racks of baby backs and one 3 bone rack of plate ribs. Now I understand the Unwritten rule that without pics it didn’t happen but ….
A couple of things I learned was even though I can easily fit all that into my HBT I probably shouldn’t do that many different meats at the same time. Everything came out OK but not my best on all of them (Except the chuck roast).
Normally when I do a Chuck Roast, I season with salt and pepper, let it go to about 165 - 170 or so, wrap with some beef stock or beef consommé until it probes tender. This time I didn’t have either, so instead I save some of the fat trimmings from the beef ribs, added them to a pan and put it in the hot side of the smoker. This made some really nice beef talon. When I wrapped the Chuckie I poured that talon over the Chuckie. The result was by far my best chuckie ever.
Hope this helps someone else. 😁
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Glad to hear your "clean out the freezer day" wasn't due to tripped GFI that ruined everything. That happened to me once.
As far as smoking different meats at the same time, that's BBQ my friend. Glad it all came out well.

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Haha! I kind of did the same thing this weekend but my freezer is still full of meat. None of my stuff worked out real well, either. The brined hams are pasteurizing in the Sous vide now after a 6 hour smoke. I know those will be perfect. But I still have a lot of meat in there I’ve forgotten about.

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