The weather has been less then ideal...

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Mar 21, 2009
Southeastern PA
It's been cold and yesterday we had rain, sleet, and Thundersnow  - bizzare day.

The cold weather sends me down the comfort meal road so come along with me...

Monday - Meatloaf and mashed potatos - sorry - no pics...

Tuesday - Beef Stew.... (camera pic)


Wednesday - The day started off with snow then turned to rain - fortunatley I got home before it started snowing again - 5.5 inches before the second wave of snow.

Dinner??Smothered pork chops and baked potatos... I had never made smothered pork chops but I figured I had chops and I had onions so why not? (no pics where either)

Thursday - Well, mother nature dumped a ton of snow - here's the pic out my deck door at 5:00 am.


And where is what I saw once the sun came up

A frozen Egg


Big Al fired up wht snow blower at 5 am  I am sure we are really popular with our neighbors.


Left over Stew for lunch...


So dinner tonight is roasted chicken rubbed with Simply Marelous All Purpose rub and roasged on a bed of onions. Mashed potatos and (thick) home made gravy.


Chili is the last of the comfort foods on the menu for the week -maybe tomorrow night, maybe Saturday.

Thanks for joining me on this little trip down memory lane - what's your favorite comfort food??
My favorite comfort food is definitely beef stew and yours looks awesome!  Love the large chunks of carrots and the mushrooms.

May have to be on the menu this weekend
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Thanks! I sauteed the mushrooms first then put them aside and added them back in at the end. I was afraid they would get funky. After I the meat cooked and the gravy going I threw it all in the pot and put it in the oven - I was going to do it on the stove but this was so much easier - throw it in there and forget about it for 2 hours.
.... I recognize that chair! It's the one the wife saves for those nights you come home from the bar drunk and late!

Great looking week there Ellymae! That all looked really good, love me some comfort food.... mmm, mmm, mmmmmm.
Wow...what a week of food!!!! Sounds great!! Maybe you should park the snowblower and grab a shovel to work off some of those calories!!!!LOL
Thanks for the week of food!

Here's a picture of my BGE with a funny hat on.


Glad I'm in Florida. We think it's been cold here, 40's at night, good thing is I clean my deck with a leaf blower instead of a snow blower. Sorry guys I just had to throw that in.  
Thanks for sharing the great pics... a guy on a diet doesn't stand a chance with that in front of him. It's all good my friend. 

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