The ribs are on!

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Jul 2, 2006
Hi! I"m back! today I am smoking babyback ribs! used a rub from the recipe section here and a recipe for sauce is on the stove now!
I was out of town and did not have the chance to leave the rub on overnight so i hope they will turn out anyway!

I have been working on the picture thing and will try to send one!!! thanks to all who have helped me with this and to cajinsmoker for putting my pictures on his notes!
Good luck with the ribs. Have you tried to use Imageshack for your pics? That's the easiest way I found to get mine posted. Let me know if you need help. I'm in the office 'till 4:30, and bored...

No you aren't the only one not doing ribs...
We did the old Wally World trip today, and ate out..too stuffed now to try anything more...couldn't find that Gold Medalion brisket sauce you mentioned...but you'd be surprised what you do find when you look close...Tony's spice n herb seasoning...for blackening...a Zatarans blackening season mix....a Durkeeys 5 pepper and spice mix...
Got a nice flat and baby backs for next weekend..from Sam's...good eats next week..hope the weatherman behaves for me...

The ribs were declicious! I tried once again on imageshack and they wouldnt let me download the picture! I am beginning to take this personally! I e-mailed them to cajunsmoker and he will so kindly post them! I can e-mail them no problem! cam I e-mail them to the website?

You may have a problem posting pictures, but you don't have no problem cooking ribs. 8)

Damn fine looking ribs. :D

I thought i almost had the pictures sent! but then it went belly up! but i am still not giving up!

thanks for being so great about posting the pictures!
Kathy..Hello there...
Glad to see Rodger is helping you with your pics.
May I try to help you also...
Here is a link to a free is a photo management program..that should start to get you on the right track...

kathy, have u tried using the "add attachment" during your reply?
your ribs look great!!

here are the ribs i smoked today...posted using the "add attachment" feature.

richard and vman

thanks for the info on the pics. I will check them out right now!

vman your ribs look wonderful!!!
i tried the add an attatchment and it went off it cyberspace but i cant find it on the smoking meat forum! so now i am heading to the picasa!!!

Downloading and installing the program is only the first part of the equation...
I don't know how you are getting your pics from your camera , into the computer..or what program if any they are going into..any way when you install the program ..picass should find all your pics automatically...lets start there..
--click "add an attachment"
--click "browse", find the pic u want to post and double-click it
--click "submit"
--u are done!

note....after clicking "add an attachment", the window looks like it scroll down and u will see the "browse" icon

thanks for the compliment on the ribs!! i smoked them 3-2-1 style
i have picasa installed... and the pics are there!

now what should i do?

thanks for the help!

your pics might be too large to post as is.. so you might have to re-size them first....but lets try something...go to your desktop...right click any where...and select new folder...and name it something like pics to post...
go back to pics you want to post and copy them to that folder...this is just an easy place to find your pics when you have to browse for them...
now go back to the fourm and make a the bottom will find add on browse.. find the folder you put on your a open...then add attachment...them submit post
just try one pic first..

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