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Sep 8, 2006
Casa Grande, AZ
Well, a few months ago I almost threw in the towel with my smoker. Seems NOTHING came out of it that was good. Well, after a few successful pork shoulder smokes, ABT's, quail, sausage, and a fantastic bacon smoke, I am impressed with my results now. They're consistant and goooood!
I owe it to you folks with your encouragement. It helped a lot!

Smoked 2 10# shoulders today. It was a 14 hour smoke with cherry wood. The smoke flavor is light. I tried to make it light because my wife diesn't like a heavy smoke flavor in the meat... (But she sure liked the bacon I smoked with hickory)

Enjoy the pictures below.

Side note - On the raw (pre rub-pic), I started to rub the meat and remembered to take pics..





Great looking adventure with excellent q view included. Congrats on staying with it and perfecting things. Your long term rewards will be great.
Very well done, excellent looking bark! Practice does make perfect.
Congrats on your successful smoke. You got some good lookin food there. I know all about the light smoke requirement and have been using lots of cherry myself. Doing hickory and maple on my BB's today. Nice Q-view as well.
Very well done. looks like good smoke penetration and still very juicy.
. I must say you should be very confident in your smoking..
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