T-minus 27 hours and counting......

Discussion in 'Beef' started by pkgal95, May 25, 2007.

  1. pkgal95

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    27 hours until the first launch of "Smokin' Pistol Pete's" brisket adventure. I have done a few tests with my new smoker, to check temp's, and with everthing closed I maintain about 230 degrees. Is that gunna' work????
    Maybe that's a little too hot??? Would a water tray cool it a little???

    -"Smokin' Pistol Pete"
  2. zapper

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    I would say that a water pan will cool it and so might filling the smoker with meat. A dry run for the burn in is good but you will need to watch the temps closer the first time that you actually throw on the meat. It is all so subjective that you need to know the temp at the grill and in the meat, I installed a thermometer in the lid of my rig and get a pretty wide swing from lid to each grill level (Three different thermometers though so who knows?)

    Good luck

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