Sweet Lebnun Bologna

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Dec 25, 2010
Rineyville, KY
I been finding some really good pre mixes lately.

This sure beats storing all kinds of containers.

Making 5 pounds. Was no smaller batch instructions so i'm going to wing it with 6.5 Tbs and 1 tsp cure 1 and a bit of water.
Mix tonight stuff/smoke tomorrow. Using 3" fibrous.

I'm watching this. Shouldn't you be mixing & stuffing then putting in smoker right away with the ECA in the mix?
Normally yes mix/stuff/smoke.....but im not normal :emoji_astonished::emoji_sunglasses:
I didnt get to this last night, had to freeze my 5 lbs, no time right now but i will come back to make this. Have a forum member from N, FL going to be here today
I will get this done tomorrow. No time today

Going out with Keith and his wife for dinner.
I been retired for 11 years, i dont rush on much anymore....Unless im getting out of the hurricane path :emoji_astonished:
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Windy today so its going to affect the smoke on the Sweet LB.

I need to slow down and trim more fat.


Smoke with pecan going.
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Looking good !!! My order from PS seasoning just shipped today so I have a few days to wait so I can try their red barn bologna .
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