Super Bowl Brisket Flat

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Jan 26, 2019
After lurking for a while and learning from folks like "gary s" (thanks!), I wanted to post my success with my third brisket (first two came out good, too, just didn't know about this forum at the time :emoji_wink:.) We were having some folks over for the game and I had a 5lb brisket from a 1/4 cow I recently purchased from a family member so I figured it was a good time to try some new things! Please chime in with any tips/advice/questions, I'm definitely still learning.

The meat was 1.5"-2" thick, so based on my last cooks and advice from here, I figured I should start around 8 in the morning. Well, 8 turned to 9 but so be it. Here's the before:

While waiting for the smoker (Dyna Glo offset) to get up to 225, I coated the brisket with EVOO, salt and pepper. For wood, I used a mix of apple and hickory (I was smoking some ribs, too, so thought that combo would be good for both.)

9am - Brisket in the smoker
11:45 - Added another 3/4 lit chimney. I added the ribs at 11 and the temp dropped to 200 so I opened up the intake and half opened the exhaust. That, with the additional heat in the box, brought it back up.
2:30 - IT was 165. Wrapped in butcher paper and back in, smoker peaked at 250. (I was in a hurry to wrap it and get it back in and I forgot to take a pic as well as spritz it with some apple juice, which was sitting in the chair right next to me :emoji_angry:)
2:50 - Added 15 unlit briquettes, smoker going well between 225 and 240
4:20 - IT was 190
4:45 - Smoker dropped to 190. I should've added another chimney.
5:00 - Moved to the oven at 250. Figured it would be done soon and I now had guests so I could stay inside.
6:00 - Probe went in nice and easy, so pulled it from the oven and into a cooler wrapped in towels. IT was 202.
6:30 - Took it out and sliced it.

Results: Tasty, with great reviews from those who tried it! It was nice and juicy with great flavor. It could've been a bit more "bendy" so I probably could've let it go in the oven for another hour or so or left it in the cooler longer (any tips?). I'm still learning the right feel for a probe/toothpick test.
looks really good from here. Nice Job

Point for sure
Looks good from here too.

Probe it all over and make sure it’s tender everywhere. IT could be anywhere from 190-210 when it’s done.
Thanks Chris and Volfan, appreciate the comments. I probed a couple spots, next time I'll check more.
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Sometimes those brisket flats are hard to cook just right, but your's sure looks good to me!
Nice bark for sure!
Sometimes those brisket flats are hard to cook just right, but your's sure looks good to me!
Nice bark for sure!
Thanks Al. I was really happy with the bark. Folks were surprised when I told them it only had salt and pepper on it :emoji_wink:. I think I'll try your French onion recipe next time I get my hands on a flat, that looked good! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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