brisket flat

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  1. O

    Smoking Brisket Help

    Hello, I'm new to smoking briskets and i'm sure this question has been posted and answered, but dont have to time to comb through everything. Anyways, i've smoked two brisket flats from costco so far ranging from 5-6.5 lbs, they have the bark, and the smoke ring, but both have come out dry. I...
  2. B

    Super Bowl Brisket Flat

    After lurking for a while and learning from folks like "gary s" (thanks!), I wanted to post my success with my third brisket (first two came out good, too, just didn't know about this forum at the time :emoji_wink:.) We were having some folks over for the game and I had a 5lb brisket from a 1/4...
  3. mr_mike_m

    New Year's Brisket

    It was slightly chilly and very windy here in Northern NJ on New Year's Day. I was planning to smoke about 10 pounds of pork belly, but the cure wasn't completely done, so I opted for a small brisket flat. After trimming, it was about 5 pounds. I used the low-salt "Jeff's Rub", and popped it on...
  4. SmokinAl


    It's no secret that a lot of folks have a problem smoking a small well trimmed brisket flat. I to had my struggles for a while, but a couple of years ago I found this method and have been using it ever since. So I would like to share my method with all of you. If you already are successful...