Sundays smoke - Part 2

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by kennymn, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. kennymn

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    Smoked a meatloaf , 5 lbs. bologna , a chunk of spam and some candian bacon . The bacon was a 7 lb tenderloin brined for 6 days with Hi. Mountain and rubbed with a spicy rub . Temp at 225 degs. for 3 1/2 hrs. internal temp 160 degs. with hickory chips . Rubbed the bologna with the same rub , the spam was plain .
    Invited the mother - law over to be my taste tester with wife and they rolled there eyes when I served them the bologna and spam but they gave me the thumbs up on the candian bacon and meatloaf .
  2. Looks good kenny, I love bologna. Nice job!!! [​IMG]
  3. desertlites

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    WOW kenny that looks great-you trying to point the mo in law?points to u
  4. bassman

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    Good looking smoke! I forgot to do a SPAM when I had the smoker out Sunday. I like smoked SPAM but never tried the bologna.

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