Venison trail bologna

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I killed three deer this year and trying to find a variety of ways to use the meat.
Think about ground formed bacon . It's a great use for deer meat . You can buy a mix , or just make your own . Basically salt , sugar , cure 1 and smoke .
I used one from Owens BBQ , but Curley's is a popular one too .
I killed three deer this year and trying to find a variety of ways to use the meat. Yes, trail is readily available in Ohio but not at $1.50 per pound. Additionally, all my hunting friends share their trail bologna, jerky, snack sticks, etc. and it's nice when someone tastes mine and says "wow, did you make this yourself?"
Indaswamp covered it very well. I have always used 50/50 venison to 73% beef to make my bologna. With the cost of beef ground I am reconsidering just going to pork fat alone. That gives me a 13.5% fat content and I'll probably aim for 85/15% Venison/pork fat. I think 50/50 with pork shoulder would change the texture more.

The cooking to a lower temperature is highly recommending IMO. I cook to 140 or 145 and the log and bacteria killing I explained, in depth on this blog post. Everything I posted on here I learned from daveomak daveomak on this board and you can find in in cooking safety threads he posted.

You can also make Venison bacon. I make 21# of this with 15# of deer and 6# pork fat. Smoke it, slice it and vac pack it for later use. I love three hot sizzled and on an egg sandwich.

Doing some work on ground jerky this year. It always amazes me the recipes I find and try. Then I am like, WTF, you thought this was good? Stuff on here I can trust more. When I first started I made some trial recipes and swear it should have been call "Salt" flavored. Becuase that is all you'd taste.

I can some of mine and make stroganoff, canned soup and canned meat for easy meals later on. Leg, round roast can better and front shoulder is good. I usually would rather shoot and butcher another and grind the shoulder and neck. I got a marinade for neck roasts if you go that route.
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