Sunday Dinner St Louis Ribs

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Smoke Blower
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I love slow Sundays. It's the one day I can count to not be filled with the kids extracurricular activities and I can usually BBQ something tasty for Sunday Dinner. St. Louis ribs are what's on the menu tonight.

Started with a 3.8# cyrovac pre-trimmed Smithfield St Louis pork rib. Pulled it out removed the membrane and any other odd bits of fat.

Painted them with Heinz yellow mustard. Then dusted with a great run my uncle gave me for Christmas, Redneck Chef Butt &Rib BBQ Rub.

Ribs are dusted up, now heading back into the fridge for a few hours to let the rib and rub get happy with each other. Will be hitting the smoke around 1ish. Gonna try to cook to temp instead of 3-2-1 this time.

My assistant resting up for the big cook.
Fired up the COS at noon using KBB and Char Broil Whiskey Barrel Chips (oak I assume) my dad found on clearance. Got the smoker up to temp and threw the ribs on. Cooked at 250 for approx 4 hours. Half way through around IT of 150 I rotated the racks and began lightly basting them with my wife's homemade sweet&spicy tomato jam. Last 30 minutes I kicked the temp up to 300 by throwing a couple of fresh pecan chunks on basted again. Pulled the ribs at an IT of 195.

Fresh off the smoker and resting for a few minutes while we get the rest of dinner ready. Corn Bread, watermelon, and creamed spinach.

Sliced up and ready to serve.

Nice bite through, with some chew.

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