Sriracha & Honey Cured Pork Belly aka Homemade Bacon

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 8, 2016
southern California
I thought I would try a new flavor combination for my homemade bacon.  Sriracha has become a very popular hot sauce here in southern California where I live, so I thought I would use that with a bit of honey to add some sweetness to it. 

The finished product came out much better than I could have hoped for.  A mild spiciness from the hot sauce that was balanced out with the sweetness of the honey.  I would highly recommend, and don't be worried about the hotness, it isn't overbearing hot, just has the flavor of the Sriracha without the heat.  Below is a video showing the whole process.  Comments or suggestions are allways welcome!

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Well, this is my first post, but I want to try this!
I haven't smoked bacon and really want to.. however I am currently in a position where I can't until July.  I enjoy your videos and will be returning to southern California--where meat is cheap compared to where I am :P

So far what has been your favorite recipe?  I made a UDS before I moved, and really look forward to using it when I return :)
i found a recipe for this and tried it. Very good flavor but really not all that spicy. It did make a killer topping for burgers and a great BLT. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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