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    A few days back a new member, Spicy Chicken, joined and shared some great pics of his place and how he processes his chili's.  I went to Jeff's website and ordered a couple of things from him and he was kind enough to send me some samples of some other items from his selection.  I have tasted all the powders and am anxious to use the pods soon.

    I will tell you this - his service delivery was amazing. I got the peppers in just a couple of days and I would highly recommend his products to anyone wanting some great chili pods or powder.

    Here is what I got from him - three kinds of powders


    And two kinds of pods


    I will recommend him to you and suggest trying these products and the many more he has - Thanks Jeff

    Here is a link to the other thread - what a beautiful place

  2. chefrob

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    what do those czech blacks smell like..............hell take one for the team and nibble on one for me.
  3. scarbelly

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    Here is the info from his website. 

    The Czechoslovakian Black (Czech Black) hot Peppers are a rare variety that is well loved for its mildly spicy heat. The fruit is thick walled and approximately the size of a Jalapeno, with similar levels of heat, black pods ripen to deep red. When dried they shine and turn a stunning color of maroon.

    Scoville units 3,500 – 5,500  

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