Smoky flavor Vs. Smoke Ring WRT temps

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i agree with alot of what richtee is saying..there is a point where to much smoke will turn off some tastebuds..dont we all wish everyone had the same tastes we have ..i have smoked ribs to a point where i didnt like the over smoked taste ..but everyone else did..maybe they were just being nice ,,but they ate more then i did pre burned chips..i have been using preburned chips now for a while.. i have an arsonal of devices to choose from..gas grills webber charcoal ECB and my newest addition a smoke hollow electric my ECB is getting rusty due to the preformance of the smoke hollow preburn chips in my electric is like a dream come true.. took a bit of experiments but right now i would put it up agianst almost anything and with half the fuss the nice thing about preburned chips is they do not over smoke your smoker the best thing i can do now is show the diffrence in what is acceptable and what is not over preburned.. this first picture os over done chips..see ash etc the second is perfect for your smoker..
On the other hand -
You go to your favorite barbeque joint, order up some smoky Q.
Did the pitmaster turn off the smoke at 140°? NO. That meat you are eating most likely was put in the pit yesterday evening and SMOKED all night. The pit was fueled by a wood fire, wood that was not pre-burned. No charcoal, no chunks. STICKS/SPLITS of wood burning, a live fire.
Now. What's the difference between the pit and your smoker when it comes to smoke????? Same smoke, same meat.
Lotta opinions, and opinions are like ________, everyone has one.

Just a thought. $.02
Nowhere did I suggest such a silly thing, Mike. Smoke continues to flavor meat after the 140° temp of denaturing proteins.

The difference most likely is the size of the pit and the smoke concentration. A large stickburner with a big box can do that. A SnP can't. It's all about the coal bed and deriving heat and smoke from that. This is what charcoal <and pre-burning> does for the smaller pits.

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