Jambalaya for 75....

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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
I was tasked with cooking a Jambalaya for 75 today for party. 10# of pork smoke sausage and 15# Pork temple meat in a 15 gallon pot to fry...

hour later, add 17# of onions and 1.5 TBSP. black pepper....
Just got home from a buddys house... We did a crawfish (fresh/live) boil today... found a supplier in St. Petersburg for live ones ($120 a sack)... Also did some stone crab claws (they were huge)... And deep fried up some fresh grouper strips/nuggets

The boil wasn't as extravagant as yours (which looks pretty damn good)... Ours was just potatoes, corn on the cob, some andoullie sausage, And the Mud Bugs...
Thanks Fellas... Jambalaya was really good, but not my best. But I am a tough critic on myself as a super taster. A couple of people said it was the best jambalaya they have ever had....so there's that. It was just a tad wetter than I would have liked.
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