Smoking Bluefin Tuna ideas

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Jun 23, 2012
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I have inherited a bunch of Bluefin Tuna from a couple fishing buddies who went out of San Diego, CA this past week. I am looking for ideas on how to smoke it. Dry vs wet brine? Cold vs warm smoke? As some already know, I do a lot of Salmon using a simple salt/br sugar dry brine and then a warm smoke 125*-160*. I also do a bunch of Albacore Tuna via a dry brine and cold smoke.

But, Bluefin? WTF !! (Where's The Fish) :emoji_sunglasses:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Interested to see what responses you get. I have only cooked Ahi tuna on the flat top.
I've done a bit of Atlantic bluefin.

I can't say that I dry brine it,it's more like a rub.I go very basic just a little lite spog with minimal salt,bluefin is tasty as is so I find no need to go heavy on anything.Some fresh herbs from the garden if you have one.This'll sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and then into the smoker.The idea of a little brown sugar sounds good though I've not used it on any fish that I've smoked,I imagine it would give it great color.

I too am a warm smoker when it comes to fish.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. Think when I do some cold smoke Albacore, i will do a couple pieces of Bluefin as well, using a similar brine but in a seperate brining bag.

I also got some Bluefin belly which will be warm smoked next time I smoke some Salmon and Albacore belly pieces.

And yes, lot of the extra Bluefin will be lightly grilled into yummy dinners.
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