Confusing prime rib

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Feb 4, 2019
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Just did a 13 lb prime rib for a buddy’s crew at his shop. Was a bone-in tied roast that he bought from a reputable local butcher. Anyway, I cooked it as I had done a bunch of times before (rub with salt and pepper after leaving it in the fridge for 48 hrs or so to dry out, smoke in my big electric smoker with a seperate combustion smoke generator for 3 hrs or so at 220 to develop some serious smoke flavor, and then crank the heat to 400 to crust and finish at 125 on my inkbird, which usually results in a perfect rare/medium rare after pulling and resting for 20 min or so. It came out looking great on the outside, and got juicy and tasted fairly rare on carving, but it was essentially brown in color throughout. I’ve never had this happen before, and unfortunately I wasnt in a position to take a bunch of pictures at the dinner.
I checked the temperature in multiple places, and it was as expected. The 15# of chicken that I cooked in the same smoker at the same time, and using the same inkbird came out perfectly…
Any ideas?
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Did you double check the thermometer is still spot on?
Yep, I tested all six probes this am with boiling water.
The shop owner and staff loved the meat but it just looked ugly. It certainly wasn’t a “Grey” roast when he gave it to me, and the date on the cryovac was like 12/18, so it likely hadn’t been frozen…
I dunno…
I hate medium/well beef, and this truely tasted like a well cooked rare/medium rare roast. It was just not pink.
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