Smoked Turkey Question!

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Nov 20, 2018
Hey everyone!

I'm smoking a Turkey tomorrow for Thanksgiving, got some questions for you all.

I'm smoking mine tomorrow on my traeger with the spatchcock citrus herb brine recipe on their website. They have me putting a garlic herb butter under the skin , but nothing on top. If I don't put anything on top of the turkey skin (butter, seasoning, oil, etc.), do you think I will have any issues getting a good brown color ?

Also, I'm smoking it a day ahead of Thanksgiving, if I cut it up and store it for Thanksgiving (heat up in the oven), do you think I will have an issue with it drying out? Would it be better if I smoke it directly on the grate or in a pan? I'd prefer to smoke it in the grate if I can.

I appreciate the help!
Dry skin at 325+ will brown and crisp. The brine and butter under the skin will give all the salt and seasoning flavor you could want.
To keep moist during the reheat, pan the meat with broth or gravy, cover and heat.
On the grate is fine but have a pan under to catch all that melting butter and drippings. You don't want a grease fire in the smoker...JJ
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You're awesome, thank you for the quick reply! How much broth we talking about for a 12.5lb turkey? Just a bit to keep things moist?
Two to three cups should be plenty. Enough to keep the meat moist during the reheat. I am cooking and slicing two Birdzilla Breasts for tomorrow. I will Shingle the meat and add enough gravy to come ,roughly, half way up the sides of the slices...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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