smoked turkey

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  1. DinnerIsComing

    T-Day weather screwing up smoking plans

    So here's the deal... The current weather prediction for this Thursday is pretty much rain from sunup to sundown. I am thinking that in order to deal with that, I'm going to smoke my turkey low-and-slow for about an hour to an hour and a half, then pull it and finish it in the oven. My...
  2. Spatchcock turkey

    Spatchcock turkey

    Created with Wondershare Filmora
  3. Smoked Turkey Recipe: How to Smoke the Juiciest Turkey

    Smoked Turkey Recipe: How to Smoke the Juiciest Turkey

    In this video, I show you how to smoke a turkey from start to finish. I start out by brining the turkey for 24 hours. I then pull it out, dry it off, stuff i...
  4. Perfect Smoked Spatchcock Chicken On The Pellet grill

    Perfect Smoked Spatchcock Chicken On The Pellet grill

    in this video I show how to smoke a spatchcock chicken and get crispy skin it turned out awesome and I was so moistFacebook
  5. Brokenhandle

    My 1st smoked turkey!

    Our son was given a 10 1/2 lb turkey from work and he wanted it out of his freezer... so we obliged. It was already enhanced so we removed the backbone...saved to make stock , and injected it using creole butter, then into the fridge for an overnight rest in fridge to dry the skin. Really...
  6. Rmartinez2

    Another Turkey Thread

    Hey everyone I know there's going to be and are a bunch of these but, well, I like to share. I had a 10# and a 12# bird which I brined for 15 hours each. My brine consisted of salt, sugar, thyme, rosemary, onion etc. I used the briner bucket which is awesome. One bird brined in the spices with...
  7. dirtsailor2003

    Testing out the PartyQ with a Naked Turkey Breast

    I decided to test out my new BBQ-Guru PartyQ and smoked a naked turkey breast. Loaded the 14.5" WSM with Kingsford Pro and a couple hunks of apple wood. Used my little Camp Maid folding charcoal starter to fire up 5 briquettes. Set the PartyQ to 285°f and let the party begin. Took just under 8...
  8. dirtsailor2003

    Pre-Halloween Thanksgiving

    Crummy weather outside this past weekend. Rain, hail, snow, wind we had it all. So what better to do than fire up the 14.5" WSM and smoke a turkey breast! Picked up a bone-in 8.75 pound breast. Cut the neck portion off and some of the loose skin for stock. Seasoned it with SPOG inside and out...
  9. Ground venison jerky on the smoker

    Ground venison jerky on the smoker

    How high do ground venison jerky on the smoker
  10. Preacher Man

    Sour Cream Smoked Turkey Enchiladas

    I can't take credit for this recipe, but I'll definitely share it because it's worth sharing. The Pioneer Woman has a recipe for Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, so I substituted the smoked turkey I meal-prepped the other day and that kicked it into a whole different gear. I also used some hatch...
  11. Rmartinez2

    Smoked Turkey

    Hey everyone today i'll be putting a small turkey in a brine to smoke for tomorrow. I had a couple of questions on the cook, specifically the placement. I have a resting rack that sits on a cookie sheet/pan. Would it take away from the smoke if i were to put the turkey in the grill on that...
  12. M

    Smoked Turkey Question!

    Hey everyone! I'm smoking a Turkey tomorrow for Thanksgiving, got some questions for you all. I'm smoking mine tomorrow on my traeger with the spatchcock citrus herb brine recipe on their website. They have me putting a garlic herb butter under the skin , but nothing on top. If I don't put...
  13. T

    Smoked turkey advice

    I was wondering if I could get some help on this subject. I have read and seen many different ways to smoke a turkey. Ok for starters I’m using a pellet grill. I did smoke a small turkey for thanksgiving and the flavor was amazing, along with it being very juicy and moist. I spatchcocked and...
  14. MBS

    Turkey Cannon - Has anyone used one?

    Has anyone used a turkey cannon to smoke a turkey? Any tips?