Smoked Turkey Leg help needed

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Original poster
Feb 20, 2014
Cameron, North Carolina
Alright, I decided to smoke 3 turkey legs this weekend. I wanted to do a test run before my son's 5th Birthday party. I plan on cooking a bunch for his party, it would be kinda like a block party.

So I got a pack of 3 from the store Friday night. Sunday morning I decided to Brine them. I just did a basic cold Brine (1 Gallon water, 1 Cup Salt, 2 TBSP Garlic Powder, 2 TBSP Onion Powder & 2 TBSP Red Pepper Flakes). I didn't get a chance to Brine them for as long as I wanted because I got a late start on them. Maybe it was only 2 hours. Anyways got my Smoker (WSM 18.5) up to 225 before I threw them on. The guide that I used is from Smoke Meat by Jeff Phillips. I read to smoke them to an internal temp of 140 degrees at 225-240, then once they hit 140, turn up the heat to 275 to an internal temp of 165. With a total smoke time of 4 hours.

Well they took only an hour to get to 140, and then maybe another hour to hour and half to reach 165. I know it said they may be done sooner, but almost two hours sooner seemed a little fast for me. Just wondering what everyone else does when they smoke their turkey legs? This is my first time.

What are some do's and do not's that you have encountered? The legs seemed to turn out o.k., but didn't have that WOW!!!! factor that you get from like a state fair. I basted them like the book said, Syrup and butter. Also, what are some things to take into consideration when you smoke a big batch of Turkey Legs?

Any help would be appreciated. Sorry this is kinda long. I am just trying to get this nailed down before my son's birthday party, and give the neighborhood a great experience.

I haven't done them yet but I think legs at fairs & Disney have a cure in the brine. Search above for Disney style turkey legs,quite a few threads.
I personally prefer to smoke poultry at higher temps, 325* minimum, up to 400*.y reasoning for this is to crisp the skin up. I find that I get plenty of smoke flavor durin the shorter cool time. I'm not a big fan of turkey legs. As was mentioned above some places add cure #1 to the brine. This will give the turkey a hammy flavor. If you choose to add cure make sure and follow "Pop's Brine" method for the proper amount of cure and brine time. You can use the search feature here to fine the thread. Good luck and post some photos of your smoke.
I apperciate the feed back from everyone. Didn't know about the cure in the brine. I am going to try that this weekend. I will try and post pictures this time too.

Happy Smoking everyone! The weekend is one day closer........ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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