Smoked Tilapia

Discussion in 'Fish' started by gavin16, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. Something new and out of the blue.. water that is! While I've never really heard of this fish, mom had a bag in the freezer she insisted I smoke while home.  So here it goes! 

    2 hour brine with some kosher salt, brown sugar, pepper, touch of honey.

    Let it sit out and dry for a bit while I prepped the smoker.  Didn't bother rinsing the brine off.  Tossed on some more pepper, paprika, and honey before I put them in.  

    In the smoker @ around 215 for nearly an hour! 

    They weren't the golden brown I had hoped, or the pic of them in the smoker doesn't give them that look, compared to in the bowl.  

    Surprisingly turned out really good! Credit to Czarcastic's honey glazed tilapia post from a while back, made my first brine a success! 
  2. I love tilapia!!!   Great looking smoke ya did there!

  3. waterinholebrew

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    Looks awesome, tilapia is a great fish !
  4. c farmer

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    Wow. Great job.
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    Looks tasty! We have a hydroponic farm here that raises Tilapia. The fish provide the nutrients for the veggies they grow, and the veggies clean the water for the fish. Both get harvested and are sold locally at the stores here. Pretty cool!
  6. That's pretty neat! I was really surprised how good they were, if they are a cheap fish I may be doing much more of them back at school.  Had Grandpa not've fried catfish (my all time favorite) tonight as well, I would've put together some acorn squash to go with this. But...

    The cats were done before I started the tilapia were put on. I've always said fried catfish and crappie are the best, hands down.  But, that is being said by someone who lives just a few minutes from the Mississippi River hehe.  
  7. Ah, and how could I forget! Before it is all gone - the other reason for no acorn squash.. Grandma's homemade blueberry pie! There was also a blackberry.. but that one is gone.. 

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  8. How fun! Here's to your fish!!! That all sounded tasty! Cheers! - Leah
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    Nice lookin fish and pie G....................[​IMG]
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  11. atomicsmoke

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    If you have a problem with farmed tilapia I hope you don't eat farmed salmon or trout.

    I agree tilapia is not the fish that will make a killer dinner but nor is chicken and we still cook it. A lot: 60lbs/person/year (in USA).

    Tilapia is an inexpensive fish ...with lots of garlic will make a decent meal. Same as chicken.

    If overcrowding and feed are a concern...again...check out how the chicken is raised.

    First world problems.
  12. Honestly the same case can be made for bass, in my opinion.  Hence why my family doesn't fish much for it (I enjoy bass fishing and don't do it enough).  But with the right ingredients you can turn anything into a decent tasting meal.  Ex. I'm not a fan of white meat in chicken because it's so dry, but after I smoked a beer bird I had never had juicier breast meat - even eating cold out of the fridge! 

    I can't speak much for tilapia except for what I cooked last night, first time (to my knowledge) I've had it.  And now I know I'll be doing more in the future (12 oz down, 59.25 lbs to go! [​IMG]).

    As per the farming practices, I am unfamiliar with the fish side, but I'm sure it shares similar controversies the livestock industry deals with everyday.  I know someone (including myself) would be willing to discuss it in PM or elsewhere.  

  13. atomicsmoke

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    LOL. That's 60lbs of chicken a year not tilapia.
  14. Ohh haha quick misread... Thank goodness.  Was gonna say, who the heck is eating THAT much tilapia a year. [​IMG]
  15. God I LOVE fried catfish!!!   So good

  16. driedstick

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    That looks great, Wife loves that fish I will have to do some for her and we just got done picking about 2 gal of huckleberrys, That pie looks great!!!

    A full smoker is a happy smoker


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