Smoked Portabella's and Pork Chops

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Dec 31, 2005
Central Indiana
Just had to post this, I love making and eating stuffed portabellas. Throw in a few 1" pork chops, baked potato and wild rice for a pretty good meal. Used hickory wood for the smoke (usually use cherry) and they came out great. BEAR
Bear, you are the master of deception my friend.
Every time I see your avatar I see a rough, rugged, eat with your hands, kind of guy ... but when I see pictures of the wonderful meals you masterfully create, I see an artisan with a very refined palate for complex flavor prints and an eye for art on a plate. Would the REAL Bear please stand up. Another excellent meal!!! 8)
Hey Bear-You wanna share that Stuffed Mushroom recipe?? Man I love those things!!
Thanks Bob-BQN, ya got me, a quote comes to mind, (never judge a book by it's cover) but, your gonna have to keep this quiet, I have a rough image to "BEAR". :lol:
Dutch, your a man after my own heart, I would consider it an honor to share my recipe. I like to find the biggest portabells caps I can find (you can really pile em high) or the giant white buttons when available. Scoop out the caps,, not too deep or they will fall apart, or split. In a skillet I brown about half pound of sausage (I like sage) any kind will do, drain off excess liquid, move sausage to outsides of skillet and add a couple hunks of real butter (I know, I know) saute in a good amount of garlic (fresh and diced small) add the mushroom pcs (scooped out earlier) and some garlic and herb seasoning, and maybe a pinch of kosher salt, mix with meat and simmer. Only cook until the mushroom pcs start to soften and the garlic turns opaque. Add a little to each cap, layer of mozzarella, a little more stuffing and then a big handful of cheese to cover the entire top. I usually put in the smoker when the pork chops (1" thick) are about half done. Watch for the cheese to start melting and the mushroom caps start to soften, I turn up the heat and remove when the cheese starts to brown on top. Wow, this sounds like alot of work, but it's really not. Also good with chopped up smokey links, pulled pork, I sometimes add some onion, and or chives.
A word of caution, keep samplers a safe distance from the skillet, you won't have any stuffing left for the mushroom caps. Enjoy, BEAR
OH :roll: I also added a small amout of the cooked wild rice to the stuffing, man, I should make notes.
Thanks Bear for your recipe-It will make a very fine addition to next Sunday's supper!!
Whoa There Bear!

Now that's beyond the realm of everyday smokin!

Very nice and thank you for the recipe!

:D ranger72

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