Smoked Cream Cheese?

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Jul 15, 2010
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I have read a few articles about smoked Cream cheese in the last week or so. I thought I would give it a try while I smoke a beef roast today. I scored the cream cheese. Then I brushed it with olive oil. Lastly I sprinkled them with some seasoning. Throwing them in the smoker at 250ish for 3ish hours. I will let you know if this is great or a collosal failure. Ha


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It's been a trend for a couple of weeks - I don't have Facebook but have had like 20 people send me links to it as they know I am always looking for new recipes - it looks doable and it will melt so it has to be done on a sheet tray covered in foil (otherwise one heck of a mess) or something similar - I would choose to make a custom rub and cut the salt down if any at all - there is already salt in the cream cheese and most people will want to eat this on salty crackers or something,

Looking forward to seeing how yours turn out and what your thoughts are on it
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I was anxious to give this a try I'll wait for your results first.
Nice. I hot smoke little perch fillets with foil pellet pouches (=a lot of smoke fast) for a smoky cream cheese dip/spread, but will have to try smoking the cheese too.
I also have seen a ton of posts on the cream cheese on FB the last few weeks. How was the texture of your finished cheese?
Following the smoked cream cheese fad too. Interesting and intrigued! I have a chile verde that has cream cheese in it that would love to be smoked! Shucks I'm smoking about 4 dozen oysters right now that make a great pairing.
Seeing is believing. I almost tried this with a 1/2 block we had in the fridge. The only other soft cheese I've tried is brie, and I put a topping on it. #636 on the bucket list.
Looks interesting. Never heard of using olive oil on cream cheese before. Let alone hot smoking it. How was the texture of the skin?
That looks fantastic to me. I never even thought of smoking cream cheese, cause I thought it would just melt all over the bottom of the pan. Judy just made some bagels & I have cream cheese on the grocery list. Will have to smoke some & put it on a bagel with some homemade lox!
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