Smoked chicken wings

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Good Luck!   Let me know how they turn out!

Did you brine them?  I think that helps keep them moist.

Try the mix of Franks Hot Sauce and Ranch Dressing for dipping. 
USed my Smokey Mountain for the first time today, and tried smoking wings for first cook on it.....I started with 4 chunks of apple wood and 250degrees temp for about an hour then threw in 2 more chunks of apple and steady temp of 250 for another hour....The final result turned out rubbery as can be. They tasted good and flavorful from my seasonings, but they were very rubbery, which im glad i just made enough for me because I would have been ashamed of such rubbery wings...From what im reading, if i do it the way I did and just throw them on a hot grill after their cooked for a few minutes they will crisp up and not be rubbery??? 
I have done them Buffalo style a quite few times. The best way, for my liking, is to smoke them for about 1.5 hours then fry in a turkey fryer using peanut oil for about :30sec - 1minute. Then sauce if you like. One really BAD drawback is, you will never like them as much when going out.

       Thanks for this simple recipe. Being from West Tennessee, I love maximum flavor with little effort. Your recipe is similar to a "fail safe" dry rub that was passed to me when I first started cooking on a $20.00 grill from Big Lots.

        I was afraid to use butter during smoking because I thought it would make the meat more soggy as there was no direct flame to crisp the skin and seal the moisture into the meat. I'm glad to hear you found a way to accomplish this during smoking. 

        I love Tony Cacheres but am gonna try an overnight rub of Jamaican and Caribbean Jerk prior to basting with butter. My family are such picky eaters they will run from Cajun spices and not give the smoke a chance. I am trying to invite the smoke first and then add the Cajun if needed. I will be sure to post Q views of the finished product.  
I par boil my chicken wings for thirty minutes to get rid of the excess fat. I drain them and let them cool enough to handle. I then pat them mostly dry, place in a plastic bag, add my favorite dry rub and massage into the wings. I let sit in the fridge overnight. On the day of the smoke I add some more rub. I smoke at 225 for 30 minutes on one side, then turn and do the other side for 30 minutes. I then transfer to a disposable pan and brush on my favorite sauce and cook for another 30 minutes. Depending on size of wings you may have to go longer. Be sure to cook to 165 internal temp (not next to bone.) They are not crispy but have good texture and taste. My wife said they were the best ribs she ever had.
i have tried smoking wings twice now on my WSM, and i smoke at about 225-240ish for 3 hours, and they always turn out rubbery, I know people say crisp them up on the grill afterwards in order to get them crispy.But is there a technique or way to have the wings crispy from just smoking? I know people say u can raise the temperature higher and cook less for crispier skin but i still haven't tried it... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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