Smoked chicken wings

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Jul 3, 2005
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Hey fellers,I love hot wings and was thinking about smoking some.Ive never tried this and was wondering if anyone has.I dont know wheather to marinate them in the sauce then smoke them or smoke them then put them in sauce.Anyone with any ideas?
I would smoke first, then add to sauce. MAkes sure the smoke can penetrate the skin as much as possible.

Keep them in the hot spot, and don't expect great "skin" unless you slap them on the grill to crisp them up.

Wings on the smoker are alot of work for little payoff (meatwise) so I spend the time to cut off the flapper, the cut the knuckle so you actually have just the 2 wing pieces seperated.

Crack out the cast iron pot (dutch oven w/o legs), turkey fryer burner, and peanut oil. Its frying time

While I have it heated, I fry anything and everything.

Even fried a fatty once, but thats a different thread :)
Hiya Dac!

I love smoked hot wing as well, in fact, I'm smoking a large batch tonight to snack on during the football games tomorrow. Here is a very simple method that I use frequently.

Rinse wings thouroughly under cold running water then pat dry.

Brush lightly with melted butter and sprinkle generously with Tony Cacheres Creole Seasoning. That's it.

Set your smoker to maintain a temp 275*-285*. Check between 2-3 hours for doneness. The higher smoking temp will result in a crispier skin and seal in the juices better so they won't dry out.

Apply your favorite sauce or eat 'em straight out of the box! Mmmm...delicious...

Have fun. 8)

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i have a gosm and i can get the temp up to 300-350 for crisp skin and smoke at the same time

i baste mine every 15 mins with hot sauce and let it cook on

1 cup Franks
1/2 cup butter
See, I smoke stuff for 5 years, don't care for smoked wings as much because of the skin, and Crazyhorse makes a simple post that makes me go Duh!

i have a gosm and i can get the temp up to 300-350 for crisp skin and smoke at the same time

All these years I didnt care for the wings because of "smoke skin" on chicken, prefering to fry.

Heck, all I had to do was add another chimney of lump and that would put me in the 300-350 zone.

So now I want to smoke some for TDay appetizers.

CrazyHorse. Can you tell me how long I need to cook them using your method (I assume an hour or so, since 350 in the oven is about an hour)

BTW, I have a bite mark on my screen where I tried to sample your wings
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Thanks alot guys,sounds like some good methods.Im gonna smoke two whole chickens in the morning and throw on a dozen wings just to see if I like them this way.The wife is in the kitchen now deep frying about 75 wings.I figured Id try a few on the smoker,why not?.Ill smoke bout anything,the kids shy away from me while Im smoking,I think they are afraid Ill smoke them.Thanks,David
Hey again,the wife just brought me a couple of wings to try.I love being the sampling guy around here.
wilkat i do them for about an hour to an hour and a half basting every 15 to 20 minutes with hot sauce mix

oak is real good with wings
How about Teriyaki Wings? This recipe will do about 40 wings. Whether or not you separate the wings is up to you. This recipe doubles easily. Since I see that some of you can get higher temps in your smokers give this a whirl! Aim for at least 300!

40 chicken wings
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 cups teriyaki marinade/sauce
2 Tbs dry mustard
2 Cups dry sherry
2 Tbs ground ginger
1 Tbs garlic powder
1 Cup honey
1 Tbs onion powder
About 1 inch fresh ginger minced
Four large cloves garlic minced
2 Tbs minced fresh onion

Mix all ingredients together in a pot of sufficient size, add wings. Add more teriyaki sauce if not covered in pot. cover and marinade overnight in fridge stirring several times. Stir well just before placing on cooking surface. If cooking in a smoker baste with sauce several times. If cooking on a high heat grill baste once. When crispy they are done! A bit of cayenne can add some heat.
Well I guess that's all right Chicago Bill, brianj517's wife keeps catching him sniffing his monitor whenever he's on this Forum. :roll: 8)

im trying that teriyaki marinade on some grilled pork chops today
Let us know how you like it! I think you like things hot. Gonna try a bit of cayenne in it?
Sir Monty,

I think that I'll try that marinade on a boneless pork loin. . .oh man my mouth is watering all ready just thinking about it. Thanks for the recipe my friend!!
OK, guys! If you like the marinade we'll have to move it over to the pork thread. Maybe to beef as well. Lemme know how it goes for you!
Sir Monty,
Hows-about posting it under Sauces, Rubs and MARINADES in the Recipes only forum, too? :D
Good idea, Dutch! First I want to see what you fellows think of it. I have worked on that recipe for about nine years. Always trying a little something different and expanding on it. Got it to where I like it. And now the rest of the world? And as always, please feel free to vary and change and let me know how it goes!
Dutch! You made the grade! Smoking Fanatic! Congratulations on your promotion!
Thanks Monty, I didn't even realize that I hit the 300 posts mark. Now I'm going to have to change my tag line AGAIN!! :D I wonder what Jeff's plans are with the two other stars-will there be Loftier Levels to achieve :?:
Dunno about the two other stars but Jeff from Tulsa had best be on his toes! Best O' Luck!
BTW, lookin' fer a new truck, eh? Hmnnn! Seems like you be enjoyin' the good life!
Just settled out of court on a settlement and Momma said this ol' boy can have a new truck!!! Yeehaa :D Looks like right now that the next "Dutch-mobile" will be a 2005 or 2006 Nissan Titan Crew Cab 4X4. The way my youngest son (15 yrs old) puts it "Way Kewl!!" 8) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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