Butterflied Drumsticks ~ Alternative to Wings

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Dec 1, 2019
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I've been getting in to lollipop drumsticks for a couple of years, but decided to revisit butterflying them. This is a decent lower price option to grilling wings, the prep is easy compared to lollipops, and dark meat likes higher internal temps. You follow the bone for the first cut, then cut to each side. When you see tendons, cut them out.

I did a brine, followed by a marinade in Italian dressing. The rub is a Canadian chicken (like Montreal, but for chicken) and black pepper. Grilling was indirect, turning a few times... then finishing direct for the final crisp-up.




Interesting! I'd like to see how they compare to wings head to head, but for the price I think I can be ok with any difference.
I've never seen this method before. What a great idea. I will be trying this soon.
We absolutely love drumsticks and the price is right! Often I'll grill about 20 pounds of them, vac seal them up 4-6 to a pack, and into the freezer. Makes for quick and easy lunch and dinners. Skin isn't quite as good but a quick ride in the air fryer gets it decent.
Thanks for idea! Those look fantastic!
Might have to give it a try with the Vortex as well.
Looks good Thirdeye. That looks like a good wing work around

Point for sure
great idea thirdeye thirdeye I will definitely be trying this method. I like the lollipop style but it's a ton of prep.
The lollipops cook very evenly, and folks that hate tendons now get a really clean bite. But you are right, the prep is time consuming.

That said, when butterflying I will remove tendons that I see, and with the meat laying flatter, the cooking is very even too.
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