Smoked chicken wings

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Best O' Luck on your new wheels. Since 1988 I have owned two Dodges. A 1988 Ramcharger which I traded on a 2001 Dakota SLT . First Dodge went away owing me nothing and this one is keeping up the tradition!
man that marinade was great on grilled chops

i used it as a basting sauce and let it cook on, got alot of good comments on those chops, thanks Srmonty
Most welcome , my friend! Thank you for the positive feedback! I worked on that marinade for some time and I really like it as it stands. And now it is for everyone to enjoy!
Nope, not yet it's but is's on the menu for next week for next Sunday. Shoot, I may even try that marinade for my Thanksgiving Day turkey smoke.

I've got two chuck roasts, seasoned with Monteral Steak Seasoning and Wochestershire Sauce and a pan of taters, baby carrots and mushrooms on the smoker as I type this. My new thermometer show the roast at 150 degrees.

But anyway-You still the Da Man :)
Maybe you should rearrange your signature to to "The Fantastic Fanatical Smoking Fanatic" Just a thought!
That just might work Monty! Can you say it fast three times in a row? :shock: :D
Today is a beautiful day!!! It's about 55* sunny and clear and I just placed 10lbs of wings and some hot italian sausage on the smoker! Plenty of snacks for football and NASCAR! What more could a guy ask for?

That your Team and favorite NASCAR Driver wins!! :D

I did 4 pounds of wings yesterday for the Big In-state Rivalry Game thinking that my grandson and my youngest son would be there to help me put 'em away. Nope didn't happen that way-the grandson got a new basketball hoop set up for his birthday and stayed home and my son went to a friends house and so I had four pounds of wings all to my self. So by the end of the game I was pretty well filled up with chicken. Last night my Bride announced that she wants me to do my dad's Oven Fried Chicken for dinner today :shock: I tried to talk her into doing a meatloaf just so I could play with the smoker but she wouldn't change her mind. So I guess I'll have to make groceries on the way home and get stuff to do some cheese and sausage ABT's. :D
Tried doing wings for the first time this past weekend.  I came here for advice first, and took a little bit of info from several of you, then added my own touches.  They seemed to be a hit at our barbeque last night.  Pure smoke, no grilling, no frying, but crispy skin.  Here are my secrets.

FYI, I used a basic Weber Torpedo smoker with Kingsford charcoal and applewood chips.

Wash wings thoroughly,  Clip the ends off at the first joint and discard.  Cut the drummettes and the second pieces apart.  Now, here comes the crispy skin trick:

STEP 1: Brine the wings overnight in the following mixture:

2 gallons water

1 cup kosher salt

1 cup brown sugar

2 lemons, quartered and squeezed

2 oranges, quartered and squeezed

6 long sprigs fresh rosemary

1 large bunch fresh sage

I mix the brine up in a small cooler, then add the wings.  Make sure the wings are covered.  Then add the ice from your icemaker and put the lid on tight.  Brine for at least 4-6 hours.  I do it overnight. 

STEP 2: Drain and rinse the wings and pack them in a ziplock bag with enough olive oil to lightly coat.  Refrigerate for 4 hours, rotating the bag so the oil coats the wings.

Reserve the oranges, lemons and herbs for the water bath in your smoker.

STEP 3: Coat the wings liberally with your favorite rub.  Bring the smoker up to 275-300 degrees.  Fill the water bath with the oranges, lemons and herbs.  Add 4 full flavored ales or beers and 4 cups of water.

STEP 4: Lay the wings in a single layer.  Smoke for 2 hours at 275-300 degrees.  No basting or turning necessary.  If your smoker has two levels, you may want to switch the racks at 1 hour.

STEP 5: Put them on the table and get out of the way so your friends don't knock you down.  I like to sauce mine with Sweet Baby James Buffalo Sauce.  My daughter likes the Sweet and Tangy.

Yes, and they are great, try Frank's Hotsauce and Butter mixed . a decent dip. them there's Bluecheese dressing , BBQ , and I tried some with Balsimic Vinegar, nice sweet/Savory taste, I liked it. Now to add some to my BBQ Sauce recipe.

Have fun and . . .
Here is my 3 favorite flavors on smoked wings.

1.) Seasoned with cinnamon chipotle rub and basted in raspberry chipotle sauce (sweet & spicy flavor)


2.) Seasoned with Tatonka Dust seasoning (rotisserie flavor)


3.) Seasoned with Hot Whang Rub and served with blue cheese dipping sauce (Hot)


I like to smoke them for an hour at 150° and then turned the heat to 250° for another hour and finally bump the heat up to 350° to crisp up the skin on the grill after smoking.
I've been making a lot of wings this Summer on my MES 30, and I am hooked, big-time.

I usually buy the 10 lb bag of Tyson's wing sections at Sam's. (that amount fits real nice on the 4 racks)

I rinse em, pat em dry, and sprinkle Jeff's rub, or Pappy's garlic & herb seasoning on both sides.

Mix Hickory and Apple chips and try to keep smoker temp around 240 for 1 1/2 hours. (the wing sections cook up much quicker than the full wings)

Then, I just grab the racks and dump the wings on a pre-heated grill to crisp up the skin.

I use a big spatula to turn them and move them around, which is a lot easier and quicker than trying to do each one with tongs.

I take 4  gallon zip-loc bags and put about 4- 6 oz of my wing sauces in each. You don't need much. Too much sauce over powers the smokey flavor, IMO.

Take the spatula and dump 1/4 of the wings in each bag. (be careful not to touch the bag with the hot spatula, or hold the bag too close to the grill!)

work the wings around in the bag to coat them with sauce and then I pour them into a big aluminum foil tray that I have lined with 4 sections of foil.(pouches)

fold the foil over and put back on low heat on the grill to let the sauces absorb a bit.

Then, serve as needed to your clan!

They are outstanding!

The 4 sauces I use are:

-Sweet Baby Ray's original BBQ sauce

-Sweet Caribbean Jerk Screamin Wing Sauce

-Buffalo Blue Cheese Screamin Wing Sauce

-Most wanted Teri-YAH-ki Wing Sauce

The last 3 I get on-line through Original Juan's.

The Teryiyaki is the best I have ever had, and we also use it on grilled Ahi Tuna.

The Buffalo is just the right heat, and has little bits of bleu cheese in it.

The Caribbean Jerk has a little kick, but also a good pineapple flavor.

They also have great salsa. The Jamaican Pineapple is our favorite!

Im trying out a new smoker for thanksgiving, so i marinated some chicken wings in crystal hot wing sauce and injected them with cajun butter marinade before putting them on the smoker, will advise how they come out
i had my first smoking experience today…..i learned a few lessons.

The first being add more salt than you would normally use to season meats during the smoking most of it transfers out of the meat. The second being is don't attempt to smoke after dark until you have it down to a timed science…its hard enough to see with the smoke add the element of darkness and its easy to misjudge the doneness by looking at the meat. But it was exhilarating, and a great first try… not exactly what i had in mind..but ill get better each time
Just did a batch of wings - coated them canola oil and then with Zatarains Creole seasoning.  Smoked them for 2 and 1/2 hours at 255 degrees - with whiskey barrel chips.   Coated them in a mixture of Franks Hot Wing Sauce and Ranch Dressing.    MMM  Good!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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