Smoked brisket butcher paper ripped renderings lost

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Original poster
Nov 23, 2023
Hi! I’m new to the forum and we’re having a thanksgiving emergency.

My wife is smoking a brisket (7 lbs from Costco) and it hit temperature after the 13 hours. As she was trying to get it off the smoker, the butcher paper ripped and we lost a lot of juices. She’s freaking out thinking it’s ruined and wants to get a back up roast real quick.

Is the brisket salvageable? She wrapped over the ripped paper but she’s worried.

I don’t have much more information, she’s in a real bad mood and don’t want to ask more questions at this time. She did A LOT of research though and smokes all the time and is just really worried and I want to ease her anxiety. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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