butcher paper

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  1. J

    Smoked brisket butcher paper ripped renderings lost

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and we’re having a thanksgiving emergency. My wife is smoking a brisket (7 lbs from Costco) and it hit temperature after the 13 hours. As she was trying to get it off the smoker, the butcher paper ripped and we lost a lot of juices. She’s freaking out thinking it’s...
  2. Daba's BBQ

    Butcher Paper -vs- Aluminum Foil

    Butcher Paper -vs- Aluminum Foil Interesting article https://www.smokedbbqsource.com/butcher-paper-vs-foil/
  3. D

    Butcher Paper - Pink vs Brown & a few different options

    Hi there, I'm going to be buying some butcher paper, and I've googled around, browsed the forum, and read a decent amount. I'm still left with some questions, so I'm hoping you guys can provide some clarity before I buy. 1. As I understand it, white butcher paper (like this) is bleached, and...
  4. Daba's BBQ

    Any Thoughts on Using Beef Tallow on Butcher Paper When Wrapping Brisket?

    I was watching a few videos, Mad Scientist BBQ for one, where he used beef tallow on his butcher paper before wrapping the brisket. He simply splashed some liquid tallow across the area where the brisket will be resting and then wrapped it accordingly. His post-cook comments said it was the most...
  5. lancelot61

    Brisket 2nd Go 'round (when to take peach paper off)

    Happy Independence Day Everyone! This is only my second go at smoking a brisket. First one was just ok. This smoke started when one of my friends from work has a father-in-law that sells beef. My co-workers and I decided to buy some Chianina briskets from him as we had heard briskets...
  6. S

    Wrapping hasn't broke stall

    I am doing first brisket in a long time. It is in the 15-16# range and took about 8 or 9 hours to stall at 143 cooking between 230 and 240. I wrapped in butcher paper about an 90 minutes ago and it has only moved to 147 and has stuck there for 30 mins or so. When I wrapped I raised the temp to...
  7. Rings Я Us

    Butcher paper on the Weber

    Wanted to mention I had success using butcher paper on the 22" kettle. I wrapped a brisket and held it for 2 hours using an indirect heat method. My charcoal basket for the Weber kettle is the same size as the Slow and Sear. I use a water pan the size of a loaf pan just above the charcoal. I...