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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by pescadero, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. pescadero

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    Everyone in my family will eat the skin from a drumstick or a wing, but they pull it off from the thigh and breast meat. I have skinned chickens before Grilling and before cooking them on both outdoor and indoor rotisseries. This solves the skin issue, but brings up new ones. Namely, the tendency for the bird to dry out and of course you loose the visual image that we all have grown to love.

    I have not done any poultry since getting into smoking, but I am anxious to give it a try. My intent was to skin and brine a Chicken. After brining I was going to rinse well, pat dry and apply a thin coat of EVOO. I don't intend to apply a 'Rub' exactly, but will probably sprinkle a little something on the oiled bird, just to give it some color.

    My questions center around what you think I can expect in the way of results. I know that the bird should end up juicy, inside, from the brining, but expect it to be somewhat hard on it's outside surface. The oiling may help this a little, I don't know! Do you think basting with a spritzer of something would keep the outside softer? If so, what would you use to spritz? A juice or juice OO mix? Maybe just mop with more oil or with butter.

    I have received such great help and advice with other questions, I am in hopes that some of you with more experience, have faced and solved this, ahead of me.

    Anxious to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

  2. ajthepoolman

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    An hour in the smoker and then finished up with a foil wrap might be the way to go. I have never done it without the skin so I can't be certain.
  3. hawgheaven

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    Every chicken I've ever done has had its skin intact. I believe it helps hold the moisture, plus it look purdy when it is a nice golden brown. Some folks like the skin, some don't, so I leave the option open to the individual to remove the skin when it is served.

    Just my $.02 worth...
  4. ron50

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    I don't see why you want to skin the chicken. If you slide your hand under it all over before you brine it the brine will get to the meat. You can deskin it when it's done before serving and wind up with a juicer bird or if you want the outer surface of the meat brown you could pull off the skin halfway through.

    I have been told and it's been my experience that it is no benefit to cook the bird low and slow, you can increase your temp to 300 and get a nice cripsy skin on the bird with plenty of smoke flavor.
  5. flash

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    Smoke, then peel off the skin. It does help hold in the moisture.
  6. bigarm's smokin

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    Hey Skip, I agree with Ron, it works much better with high heat and still has good smoke flavor. Also, don't forget to put some rub between the skin and meat, you will throw away the bird and just eat the skin. [​IMG] Terry
  7. smokin for life

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    AH MAN all this talk about chicken just got me hungry. I tend to lean towards the leave the skin on side. I once deskined a chicken, when I was on the "I'm going to eat healthy" kick. The chicken was really dry and the meat was kinda tough. If they don't want to eat the skin... it isn'thard to get it off after you smoke it. That's just my 2cents worth.
  8. johnd49455

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    It's just an idea & I have no idea how it will work but............

    I came across a recipe for turkey that called for no brine but wrapped the bird in wet cheese cloth & mop it every hour with a mop sauce.

    I did a turkey this way & it was incredibly moist with a great smoke flavor.

    I don't know if it will work with a chicken with no skin but it may be an idea. the moisture stays close to the bird & the smoke gets in quite well[​IMG]
  9. seaham358

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    I smoke boneless/skinless thighs all the time and they come out great with no brine because they have fat in them. So they should come out just fine skinned and brined. Agree with the others about leaving on the skin other parts and pulling off before serving or maybe the last 30 min on the smoker.
    I would not even worry about pulling the skin loose on the parts before the brine, I have brined a few whole birds now and all parts of the bird have come out great without this step.. JMO...
    Putting the rub under the skin before smoking does make a big difference, go easy on the rub because it really gets in the meat that way. It did with me.

    Good luck with the smoke and post some pics..
  10. squeezy

    squeezy Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    .... and then there is lazy me! LOL

    I like to get my smoker up to about 325º and beer butt it after applying a light sprinkle inside and out of what ever is my fancy at the time ...
    It cooks fast ... skin is fairly crisp ... meat is very moist (without brining) and picks up a decent smoky taste.

    JMO [​IMG]
  11. pescadero

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    Thanks everyone. Your responses were just about what I thought they would be. And, for the reasons. I suspected.

    I like the skin and know I can crisp it up with higher temp or even a few minutes on the grill. What I was trying to avoid is this: The birds, (skin on) always look so nice. And, the skin contains all the great rub or other seasonings. It just seems like such a waste to get to the finished bird, serve a beautiful plate full and then immediately see this beautiful offering reduced to a naked piece of colorless meat because the skin has been pulled off and thrown to the dog.

    I was thinking that if the bird was skinless, all this traditional appearance and collection of herbs and spices would still be there to eat. At the risk of a drier bird, yes, but at least they would be there.

    I guess the only solution is what several of you have said; leave the skin on, crisp it with higher temp or short grilling at the end and let those that don't want it, dispose of it. I will have my pretty and tasty skin. The rest of the family will learn to do without.

    Like many things in life, 'compromises' don't always pay off.

    Thanks very much for your responses. Skin on, it will be!!

  12. walking dude

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    there is another thread almost like this one

    but that thread is for bscb......boneless skinless chicken to keep the outside moist.......

    i wonder if you can get the boneless WITH the skin on?


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