Simple, Basic, But Delicious Pizza (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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We've been really busy around here of late. Me mostly due to being in the garage building silly stuff. Had to improvise on dinner a couple times and just ordered pizza from a local place that does a pretty good job....but it's not the same. Problem has been that it takes time and forethought for me to make a pizza and that has not been available. Decided in advance a couple days ago that we needed to make one versus ordering it. Got the dough going early in the day and we're off to the races.

The dough after the second proof. This is a kit from the Prepared Pantry that I add a bunch of an Italian herb mix to along with a couple tablespoons of Romano (or Parmesan)

Roll out the dough, press it into the CI pizza pan, and add homemade marinara

Homemade spicy Italian sausage and pepperoni

Onions and green bell pepper

Grated Romano and a bunch of fresh shredded whole milk mozz

Onto the grill. Two burners on low so grill is running about 425

15 minutes, the cheese is melting and the crust is starting to brown up

20 minutes it's time to move to the top rack so it can finish without burning the crust

25 minutes it's done and into the house

Out of the CI pan and sliced for serving. If using CI it's imperative to get the pizza out of the pan or the residual heat will burn the crust

Some crushed red pepper, a sprinkle of Parmesan, and we're ready to eat

I'm finally getting Tracy in tune with the fact that a pizza doesn't need 400 ingredients to be really good. Sure, a garbage pizza is ok once in a while, but I tend to lean more toward the minimalist approach. What really sets this apart is all the stuff being homemade. It just does not get any better. Finding the Prepared Pantry and the CI pizza pan have been game changers. I struggled with pizza for years and have only recently started turning out some good stuff and. Crust is flavorful and perfectly cooked for our tasted. Lightly crispy on the bottom but soft in the middle and just the right thickness. Not thin crust and not thick crust...somewhere in the middle. Hopefully now that I'm finished building cookers for a few minutes I can get back to cooking decent food again.

Well gotta run. Need to start thinking about dinner for this evening. Thanks for dropping in and we'll see y'all soon I hope. Take care and stay safe!!

Looks awesome I'll take a few slices
I tend to lean more toward the minimalist approach.
Same - I usually do 1-3 toppings. Much better.

Great looking pie! I usually preheat the pizza iron. Looks like you did/do a cold start. does that get the crust crispy?
Good looking pizza! The dough from Prepared Pantry makes a good pizza...once ya find the directions that is! You were the one that turned me onto them.

Looks great Robert! Legit deep dish. I agree that minimalistic is often best for pizza.
Love me some pizza (OK a lot) Robert and that looks awesome! Agree, I tend to overload the pie when it is not really necessary.
Killer Pizza Robert! Great pie build all around, the slices look cooked perfectly to my taste with enough crisp to hold some weight. Beautiful! Hm, cast iron pizza pan🤔

I gotta admit guilt to pie overload tendencys. But, like all good fathers, I blame it on my kids…the most exotic pizza this house sees, take out or homemade, is pepperoni. On the rare occasions I’m getting a pizza without kids around i get excited to have adult toppings; mushrooms, black olives, onion, etc. and I want them all!
I going to do a pizza on CI pizza pan today. I trying to figure out what to use. I thinking of the pizzakettle but never tried with CI and that thing not the easiest to use. Last pizza burned and went into the trash but that pan could help. Could use pellet pooper or just use grill like you did. Did you set right over the burners?
Looks great, Robert! How do you get the pizza out of the pan? I've just left it in the pan and the crust doesn't burn, but I use the oven not the grill.
It's gotten so that we do a pizza about once a week now :emoji_relaxed: is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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