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  1. mtodriscoll

    MES40 PID wiring questions

    I read through this post on how to Rewire and MES for the Auber PID controller: But it’s pictures do not match what I am finding with me MES… see attached images of what I’ve found. The one with the black post is the power cable...
  2. tallbm

    Setting Auber PID Temp, Time, and Other Values

    This has come up numerous times so I figured I would try and write a simple "how to" for doing Auber PID time, temp, and P-I-D settings. Auber makes a great PID, however their documentation and instructions are technical and also likely written by someone that isn't very strong with organized...
  3. tastetester

    Controller Questions for my Fridge Smoker

    Hey all, Long time, no smoke around here. I'm trying to revive my fridge conversion that I made a few years back and the thermostat is shot. So I need a new controller. What I'm wondering about are controllers that you can set time programs in. Do you find it really handy, or no? I have a...
  4. P

    Welcome Master Bradley Auber

    I've been using a Bradley with an Auber PID and a double burner for a several years. That cabinet was on it's last legs so I decided to build a new smoker. Well, two actually, but this post is about the Masterbuilt. Sam's club had a sale on the 340G and I picked one up for 250. I was impressed...
  5. S

    Auber syl-2352p ramp/soak

    My wife is going to be smoking some summer sausage this Friday in the fridge smoker while I'm at work. I haven't figured out the steps yet and looking for help. I have always changed the temp manually and never used the ramp/soak. The controller is the auber 2352p. The Temps that I want ramped...
  6. best0186

    Auber Instruments PID Controller

    For Sale: Auber Instruments WS-1500EPM PID Controller. 1600 Watt Used a half dozen times while smoking with my MES 30 Analog Smoker. Works great. I sold the smoker so I no longer need this. $110.00 Shipped to lower 48. Firm Message me with questions.