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  1. mtodriscoll

    MES40 PID wiring questions

    I read through this post on how to Rewire and MES for the Auber PID controller: But it’s pictures do not match what I am finding with me MES… see attached images of what I’ve found. The one with the black post is the power cable...
  2. cronocide

    Pit Boss 820D PID controller upgrade

    Hey yall, I had been looking for a better control of temperatures on my PB820D that is a few years old. I didn't want any modification and preferred plug and play. I happened to notice that Pit Boss themselves have and upgraded controller for the older models which is: 1. A PID controller 2...
  3. tallbm

    Setting Auber PID Temp, Time, and Other Values

    This has come up numerous times so I figured I would try and write a simple "how to" for doing Auber PID time, temp, and P-I-D settings. Auber makes a great PID, however their documentation and instructions are technical and also likely written by someone that isn't very strong with organized...
  4. T

    Wiring pid to original mes smoker wires

    Can anyone explain how to wire up the pid to your existing element and wires? I know About wire nutting the 4 wires on the board but wondering how to actually wire up pid to use existing element
  5. Frankyvee

    MYPIN PID TA4 Controller for electric smoker

    Sorry if this has been asked. I'm new to the forum and tried searching for an answer to my question and did not see any so I decided to post this. Is there anyone on here using a MYPIN PID on their smoker? I have an analog MasterBuilt electric smoker and the thermostat that it came with is...
  6. N

    Need some advice

    I have a gas smoker and am in the process of adding a PID controller to allow me to control and monitor the state of my cooks. The PID controller will have many features above what one would have if purchased. I am building it myself. I dont want this to be too technical, i will answer...
  7. denny

    Questions on SMD200a settings, best wood pellets, pellets vs chips

    I have a MES 40S with a mail-box and amnps maze tray set up and an Auber SMD200A PID. Have been using it for about 2 years or so and been very happy. Long enough for new developments, practices and ideas to appear that I quite likely haven't heard about; possibly because I don't visit here...
  8. nimrod

    New PID controller

    I finally got around to replacing the failed controller on my MES 30. Bought the Auber SMD 200a Smoker controller. Did a couple test smokes prior to Thanksgiving and all was good. Thanksgiving turkey turned out perfect so pleased with the set up. It's not in the picture but I use a piece of...
  9. tastetester

    Controller Questions for my Fridge Smoker

    Hey all, Long time, no smoke around here. I'm trying to revive my fridge conversion that I made a few years back and the thermostat is shot. So I need a new controller. What I'm wondering about are controllers that you can set time programs in. Do you find it really handy, or no? I have a...
  10. c9belayer

    MES40 Mods - The Saga!

    Hi Smokers! Been a long while. I have some free time now, so I put together a PDF of mods I've done to my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 Model 20070311. Maybe it'll help someone? It includes removing the internal smoke box (if using the Masterbuilt external smoke generator), flipping the burner...
  11. FZR650

    Gotta heating element question. Help needed.

    About 3 weeks ago I finished building my electric smoker. 36” high x 24” wide x 18” deep. The heating element I bought from amazon, it’s a 1500 watt with dial thermostat control of low, medium, high with a temp range of 50-450 degrees. I built this smoker for low and slow smoking as I also built...