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rstr hunter

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Dec 8, 2009
Fort Pierre, SD
Decided to try my first attempt at smoking cheese.  Decided to do a cherry smoke with my Amazin Smoker on Mozzerella, Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Muenster.  Here is how it looked. 


After 2 1/2-3 hours in the MES


Did these in 4 oz cubes for two reasons.

1)  Smoke could permeate through fairly well.

2)  Wanted to be able to give away a few sampler trays for feedback so I know what others think as well.

Packaged and ready to go.


Now to wait until it ages to sample.  The Amazin Smoker made this a quick and easy project and the smoker temps never got much over 80 as I just used the MES with the heating element turned off.
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Cheeeeeesssseeeee, Rstr Hunter, that is some fine  looking cheese, I have never tried to smoke cheese but absolutely love it!  I buy a commercial Apple Wood smoked cheddar all the time to snack on and my Mom uses it in her 5 cheese mac-n-cheese and it is really great.  Looks like that the Amazin Smoker strikes again.  I am considering getting one a little later.  I have been smoking for about 8 yrs. now, only hot smoking never tried cold smoking but am planning on trying it before too long!  After seeing your Q-view it may be sooner rather than later. Keep up the good work.

Your SMF Friend,

Great looking cheese smoke - congrats. You are going to love it even more in a couple of weeks.  That right there is why I always smoke some fresh mozzarella too so I can have some NOW
Rockin' Cheese!!

I had some cubed cheese left over from a party, and threw it in when I made my last batch of smoked cheese.  They turned out awesome!

Worst part is the waiting.

Looks great.... I am smoking cheese for the first time right now. How long do I need to let it age before I can eat it?

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