Sand/water/lava rock as thermal mass

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Not with the bricks.

It's holding steady around 250 to 275 it crept up to 300 once but I'm not concerned. When I put the 8 butts on it dropped to 200 but an hour later it got back up in range.

I'm going a little hotter than normal to speed things up a bit.

I'll open it up and do a meat probe to see where I'm at on Temps around 7 or so. Once it all hits 165 I'll wrap it in paper and finish it off.

These were taken as it went on and again mid cook.

I didn't take any finished pictures as I'm not the one slicing or pulling.

Went on at 1 pm yesterday, finished at 430 this morning, no wrapping until it was finished.


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That looks outstanding!!!
Thanks, pardon the hack job on the slicing. I wasn't present for that. I'm told it was a hit and everyone loved it. Thanks to everyone for coaching me along the way.


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I'm not sure fire bricks or sand over/around your hot spots are the answer. In the short term yes because it will take longer to heat up but in the long run they will get just as hot as the original hot spot and remain hot longer. I'd put water pans in the hot spots since water pans were originally used to control temps in water smokers and not to introduce extra moisture as the ole wife's tales go. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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