Rump Roast

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
I did a little rump roast today, Came out real tasty. Rubbed down with spicy mustard and coated with Tony Chaceres. Smoked 7.5 hrs at 225.

The last 3 hours I added fresh sweet corn, onions and potatos. Wrapped the corn and onion in foil with butter and just coated the potatos with oil and salt;

Good eating. :D
looks good CS

Rump, with an electric slicer set on super thin, will make a great jerky too!
Not much difference in cooking the tater in the smoker taste wise. Just do it for the convenience.

The last 2 times I cooked roast beef it has been rump roasts. I think I am going to try a chuck for the fourth. I had already bought 3 slabs of ribs to cook and I had thought about brisket and thought about a Butt. However the kids want more roast beef and I am tired of doing rump roasts and don't have the time to commit to a long term Brisket smoke. If I don't have time to do it right I ain't doing it period :!: So I think it will be 3 slabs of ribs, a chuck roast and a couple of yard birds.

Let all the farm animals beware :twisted:
CS-I do boneless chuck roast quite often in my smoker. Sometimes I put the roast in an aluminum pan with some baby carrots, quartered red 'taters and sliced onion. Other times I just put the roast on the rack and place a foil pan on the rack underneath the roast to catch the drippings for gravy.
Both ways sound great Dutch. I was thinking about the taters, onions carrots way but I got a phone call today saying a bunch of family from Arkansas are heading in for the weekend and now it looks like brisket is back on the menu :D . As I said before I don't have time but it is my wife's side of the family so I will make time. If you know what I mean :oops: .
Have you ever thought to trying a beef clod? It might be a little late to get one now but you could ask your butcher if he can get you one.

You can check out the Beef Clod discussion HERE .
Ive been watching this thread, But don't have the people necessary to eat this much beef. We have 2 butts, 4 chickens, 1 12# brisket and 3 racks of ribs cooking this weekend. Don't think I can fit much more in.
Hey CS,

After seeing your pic here I decided I had to try some beef in the smoker. Really looks good. :)

I picked up a sirloin tip roast, I'm probably going to do it toward the end of the week.

I'm going to use a spicy mustard and some kind of rub.

I had a few questions though please.

1) Did you baste your roast with anything? I was thinking mop some beef broth on there or something? Don't know if I need to though.

2) What temp did you pull this off at?

3) I have hickory or mesquite wood. Which would you use?

Looks really good. I'm hoping to get similar results.

Hi Doug,

I sprayed every hour with apple juice.

I put the roast in foil when it hit 160 internal (about 4 hours smoke time)
Let it cook the next 3 hours in the foil until it hit 175-180 internal.

Then I let it set for 30 min before cutting. The time in the foil helps to tender things up.

Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: just saw your leg of lamb post and had to tell you to try cavenders on your Beef, It is great on beef. Gives kind of a taste like Gyro sandwich meat.
Thanks, I'm all set!

And I'll try the Cavender's.

What does anyone think about wood for beef? Hickory or mesquite?

I'm ordering some more wood soon so I have a better variety to try.

I personally prefer Hickory, but a lot of people prefer Mesquite with beef. It's a Texas thing
yo doug123,

hickory with pork and turkey--
mesquite with beef and chicken.\

cajunsmoker is correct---
i picked up the mesquite habit when i
lived in houston for 17 years.
i will say ive tried all combinations---
it tastes best on chicken.

i prefer pecan on briskets---
price and availability sends me to mesquite
Awesome smoke! I have a rump roast in the smoker as we speak, but wanted to ask ya a question (hoping you'll get this in time). What did your roast weigh, and how tightly did, you wrap it in foil/did you add holes? If I don't hear back I'll wing it and hope for the best and will put up a post with qview when it's done. Smelling great so far though! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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