Rub Competition between Smokey Mo, Beer-B-Q and RP RibKing

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We've been bamboozled, who got paid off? I can see that being possible I guess, those do look excellent man.
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Guess you will have to get new judges and do it again...

And you will again reap the leftovers...
I am so thankful that you let me be part of this throwdown.  The thing I learned the most is that my RUB DIDN'T SUCK!!! Woo Hoo!!!  After seeing the qviews Mrs. Smokey has put in a request for throwdown, west coast bureau. 

I am sure I can get some impartial judges to try them out.

Hope you had a good night my friend.

Hey, Smokey Mo, if you like it, you KNOW yo rub don't suck!!   if other people like it, well, sure, cause it's great!  my rubs are hardly ever the same twice. just the way I roll.   I have a base that I kind of start from, but after that, as Richoso would say, "It's all good my friends!" 
Looks like y'all had a great time!

The ribs look awesome good.

I think this was a ploy to reap the rewards at the home court. LOL

Looks Great!

What do I win---I told you the judges would all get headaches trying to choose!

I think it was just his way of gettin samples of everyone rubs. It worked for me, I got a bag of his to test and did some chicken with it the other nite
 Now let me get this straight.  All I have to do is suggest I will judge some folks rubs and wahlaa it shows up in the mail and I have a bunch of good rub without the work of making it.  LOLOLOLOLOL
So no foil?  How long were these on? They look fantastic.  I need to pick up some ribs this weekend and give it another shot!  My first batch was good, but nothing like that! What did you use to keep them so moist? They almost look "Sauced" but I am sure that is not the case!

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