Rub Competition between Smokey Mo, Beer-B-Q and RP RibKing

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rp ribking

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Oct 29, 2009
Northern, Indiana
Picked up some meaty BBY's. I had 2 judges bail on me, still have 5 judges so I am smokin' 4 ribs instead of 6 ribs.

So Rick and Paul sent me their rub (I sent them my rub). 

Here they are rubbed, the one on the left has all 3 rubs on the rib, butt not mixed up together.

Good Luck to all of us, more pics later of finish and results. Rick's is the 2nd rib from left. Mine is on the right, Paul's is 2nd from right. 



I'm voting
on Paul's (Beer-B-Q) for his is the only one that I have tasted. I think that he's using that Beer-B-Q rub that I sent him. I guess that might have swung my vote towards paul.
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Nice! This is gonna be awesome. If you need me to fill in for one of the 2 that bailed....IM IN!!! Cant wait to see the results
HAHA, got started a little early huh? The results may be a little skewed because we drunks love any food!
Nah, Steve, the judges are a bit drunk right now, I should have an edge.
We are watchin buddy! I hope you have fun, I'm sure your judges are psyched.
Ding Ding Ding! Lets get it on!

Remember the virtues of smoking meat, low and slow and drinkin' beer.

Just put the ribs on at 3:45pm eastern time.
Ribs on at 345 EST that means they should be close to done.  Did I mention that I was hungry over here on the west coast.....

are they done yet?   are the done yet?   are they done yet?....sound like my kids now.
Sorry about the delay, Final Results: Draw, The judges could not pick the best rub cause the ribs were so freaking fall off the bone tender. The best ribs that I have ever smoked, no foil was used during this smoke. Personally, I liked my rub the least. Paul's was awesome spicy and Rick had a Great flavor with his blend of spices. The Best part is that I have the rest of the ribs . HA!! HA!!  


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