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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Had a stray brother in law wind up at my doorstep last night
So we got up this morning and cooked some ribs, sausage and wicked baked beans, drank a few beverages and generally had an enjoyable morning. Here is some pics of the leftovers

Dutch's beans with extra Jalepeno

Some smoked sausage being made and sold in Winnsboro, La (about 15 S of Monroe) pretty tasty stuff, and some ribs with a little different rub and mop

Hey Smokey,

i have 11 brother in laws just on my wifes side of the family. I seem to have a lot of mornings like this :lol:
Hey Rodger Dude, Sounds like an early start. The food looks great. I wish I started earlier .. I'm due for a long smoke tonight... my Son's birthday is today and he'll be here tomorrow. He placed his order for brisket, dirty rice and corn on the cob.

Hey Joe,

Sounds like your son's got good taste 8) .

Can't believe he's not wanting one of those awesome pizza's you make :!:
Rodger, He said next week he wants pizza .. He also wants to learn how to make it :) At some point I have to get the recipe of your canadian bacon ..

No problem Joe,

Don't you love it when the kids want the recipes 8) makes it all almost worthwhile. :!: Here's the link to the canadian bacon recipe. Works real well and has a recipe for a ham that I am going to do for either thanksgiving or christmas. :D


Have fun with your son tomorrow.
I love it when the kids take part in my cooking. I tell them I don't write the recipes down so when I go, there commin with me :) <kinda gives the a nudge to get busy taking notes> My son will be here tomorrow .. he asked for coleslaw as well.. At least he know what he wants when it comes to food :) Thanks for the link Brother... I like the idea of not using nitrates in the food ... It may not last as long or have a brighter color .. but I think it's worth it .. so I eat fast .. laugh

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