Ribs 3-2-S-H Method, recipe and pictures!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by travisty, Aug 31, 2017.

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    Okay, okay, so I stumbled on this new "method" by accident, or rather circumstances, and turns out its awesome! Not sure if people already do it this way, just out of making BBQ easier, but I may start to employ this method in competition, if it is legal by KCBS.

    3-2-S-H = 3 Hours on smoke, 2 Hours Wrapped, Sleep (vacuum seal over night), Heat (heat back up on a hot grill the next day).

    Here is the end result for your viewing pleasure. Stick around if you want to get the recipe, times, temps, and more details on the method (not to mention more pics)

    Alright, so for this particular recipe, I started with some Smithfiled prime St. Louis ribs, I used a nice coarse grain deli mustard, and rubbed it on fairly thick (for actual flavor). Then I rubbed it down generously with Traegers' "Big Game" rub (which I hadn't used before).

    I smoked the ribs using peachwood pellet in a pellet cooker I have, as 225 for 3 hours, spraying about every 30 minutes with a mixture of peach nectar and Jack Daniel's Whiskey. Here are the pics just before wrapping:

    I wrapped the ribs with some turbinado sugar, Tiger Sauce, a bit of the rub, and about a half a shot of Jack Daniel's. Threw em back on heat for 2 hours at about 235.

    Once they were done, I pulled them, in-wrapped, let them rest for just a few minutes, then Vacuum sealed them up, and after about 10 minutes in the deep freezer, I put them in the fridge. (next time I may do an ice bath, just to make sure the cooking is stopped promptly.

    Next day for dinner, I cut open the bag, sauced them up just a bit with some Traeger Apricot BBQ Sauce, then onto the smoker turned all the way up to 400. had them on the top rack for about 20 minutes, and the results were AWESOME! These had the most perfect texture of any ribs I've cooked, and better than most I have ever had. The perfect bite out, leaving a clean bite to the bone, but not falling off the bone. These are perfect KCBS standard bite through.
    ​The touch of whiskey with the sweet fruity sauce was just the perfect combination, and the Big Game rub was pretty decent too, though I may use my more preferred rubs in the future.

    I actually cut the rack in half right when I took it out of the bag, and sealed back up the other half for dinner tonight!

    So this method was super convenient for prepping some ribs before a party, and finishing it off, but I also feel like the rest over night sort of helped all the meat fibers come back together and juice back up. One BIG think that happened over night, which is just nice aesthetically is that the ribs seem to have shrunk up and exposed more of the bone. There wasn't as much showing that night, but they ended up with really nice bone exposure the next day.

     I know that the famous "Salt Lick BBA" in TX does all of their meat this way (with a days rest after the initial cook), and if it is legal in KCBS comps, it might be kinda nice to have one of the 4 meats out of the way during the slow Friday sit and wait. Anyway, let me know what you think guys!

    Hope you enjoyed!
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    Is what I think..
    Very good info. Thanks for this thread. 👍
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    Looks very good from here. Thanks for sharing :points:
  4. panupat

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    Interesting and I will definitely give this a try. I usually smoke more than I can finish in a day [​IMG]  The salt lick reference however may not be a good example - most ppl that's been there say the same thing that their Q's are dry and it was a tourist place for taking photos with that open pit, not for food.
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    There is no doubt about it, those ribs look fantastic!

    Congrats on making the carousel!

    Very nice job!


  6. Very Nice, here are the KCBS rules

    After cooking meat must be held at 140 deg or above. Or can e cooled as follows. Within 2 hours from 140 deg to 70 deg and within 4 hours 70 deg to 41 deg or less. Meat that has been properly cooled as described and reheated later so that all parts of the food reaches a temp of 165 deg for a minimum of 15 seconds
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    There's always something magical about food the next day.  I suspect it has to do with the flavor melding along with catching and stopping the cooking process at the right moment.  Thanks for sharing this, I may actually try your flash freeze tips when doing my next batch of ribs!!  Kudos to you sir !!
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    very nice rack .................[​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Rings Я Us

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    Or you can eat cold chicken and pork sandwiches not reheated 😉
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    Thanks UncleBubbas, that's very helpful, now I dong have to go digging. Looks like its the basic food safety timeline from the food-handlers classes. Just have to cool it fast in an icebath in competition.
    ​Thanks for the tip Panupat! I haven't actually been there myself, so I cant speak to their quality. guess that's a bad reference if I'm trying to talks about quality, lol.

    Most of the time when I smoke something I try to put other stuff in there to fill it up, I do have a couple of fully smoked butts in the freezer for when I need some fast BBQ, so I know that the method is tried and true in that regard. Ive done a few briskets that way too (frozen for a while) and they always turn out amazing after I re-heat them (which I personally do using a souse vide bath, or just a pot of almost boiling water if I don't have my sous vide handy.)
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    Also, how is it that the ribs I just do for the heck of it on the weekend ALWAYS turn out better than in competition!? Not just taste and texture, but like for these I just grabbed the first rack in the fridge at the store, whereas in competition ill go to the butcher and look at every rack they have, but all my weekend ones end up having better meat thickness and straight bones, and the comp ones always have crooked bones! hate that!
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    Thanks for the great write up on this method.
    Those ribs look fantasically delicious.

    Congrats on making the Carousel.
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    Tasty looking ribs!
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    Nice job on the ribs anda great idea Travisty. The ribs sure look first class.


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    I have done this (smoke, chill, and grill the next) pretty much for every smoke but never spoke of it much since I thought most consider it leftovers.  I am pretty sure many if not most commercial joints do as well.  Very interesting it is competition compliant. Now, is it better than same day?  I think debatable, as both methods yield great results when executed properly, but for convenience sake, over 2 days (or more!) wins hand down.  In addition, with the meat chilled, it is the perfect opportunity to portion.  
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    Dang it man them sure look good nice job 

    A full smoker is a happy smoker,,,, is your smoker happy today??
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    Sooo Good!

    I was planning on doing a big batch, and just reheating a few the next day. How long do you think I could keep a few racks well in a deep freeze? 
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    What are you doing to our fine Virginia pork products ????  Making them world class - that's what ! Great job man [​IMG]

    Just leave some here in Va for us [​IMG]

    If I knew how to give you points,i would.

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    Righteous ribs! 

    Point for a new method!

  20. I assume that you vacuum sealed them while still in the foil wrap and then placed them in the frig after the rest in the freezer.  Is that correct?  Otherwise my vacuum sealer would be pulling liquid and foul up the seal process.  Maybe everyone understood this but I wanted to be sure.  Then for the final 20 minute cook you did it unwrapped and on an open grill?  Please correct me if I am wrong in making this assumption.  Thanks.  I am anxious to give this a try when I am taking ribs to a friends house. 

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