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    Have seen this mentioned several times already. We were wandering thru Costco a few days ago and spotted a brisket the size of one of my thighs. As much as I love to eat there is no way we are going to scarf down that much meat. Have seen folks talking about wrapping the meat in foil, adding a bit of apple juice and warming up, either in an oven or the grill. Guessing that you reheat it at the same temp you smokes it at? Not just talking brisket here, but a general rule as well. Is the apple juice just for the moisture? Why apple juice?
  2. I don't use apple juice. I vacuum seal and add the defatted pan drippings to the bag. Then I reheat it in a pan of water while still in the bag. No you don't have to reheat it to the same temp you cooked it to. Just as hot as you want to eat it. I'd say 130° or so.

    Happy smoken.

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    Vac pack and freeze. Reheat the bag of beef in hot water. Moist and juicy every time. If you don't have a vacuum sealer get one. They keep stuff so fresh just like the day you smoked it. The main thing is to cool fast and don't let it dry out before you store it. 
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    Wife is asking if you vacuum seal while still hot? Warm? Cooled to room temp.?
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    I cool  and then seal and freeze.
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    All excellent advice on the vac pack and reheat!

    I don't have a pic of brisket, but here is how I do it with sausage, same principle.

    Place the unopened vac bag in a pot of cool tap water

    Let it come to a boil, and then allow it to get to the temp you want. I've found that about 5 minutes after the boil is about right.

    Cut it open, and serve. Just like it came fresh from the pit!

    Also, when you cut it open, mind the steam! It will be HOT!

    The red/pink thing in the 2nd pic is a tag I didn't take off of my package.
  7. I have a piece of brisket thawing as we speak  


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